Monday, May 07, 2007

Quack Quack Quack!

Missing Anderson's blog is so frustrating. That should be the first thing I do right after I turned on my PC. I can read his comment at any time, but when I didn't take notice for a long time, I feel like I "missed" it. To avoid missing AC360blog, I attached RSS reader on my blog! Yay! I can take notice of AC360 blog whenever I come back to my blog!

Recently, maybe since they started using blogger, I think you have to leave your comment immediately so that it get posted. It's getting hard for our(my?) comments to be chosen.

Pebbles and I were talking about what Anderson blogged about on previous article. The apology to "duck" was so cute! Now the first half of the show has just finished and he hasn't made any apology to the duck. Or he just said "Sorry" only on the blog? We expected him to say something about the duck on the show. How sincere is he? Quack Quack Quack!


Anonymous said...

About the duck, he apologized in his blog and I think that was it. Over and done. I'm so happy we got 2 hours of AC360 today. Anderson was in a good mood today. He was smiling and exchanging witty comments with his guests through out the show. I really enjoyed the segment with Richard Quest on the Queen's dinner with Bush, the quiz and in the end he told Richard to leave because all the lights from the White House were closing. It's a sign for him to get out of there. LOL!


mio_bella said...

Oops, it was only "I" that was expecting to bring duck issue to the show.

I'm so glad you could see the whole 2 hour! We are seeing Quest again today so we can expect a lot more Andergiggles!