Sunday, May 13, 2007

Monday 360?

Monday!? Wasn't it Friday?

In Japan, we tend to look and sound perfect on such an occasion. But sometimes, Anderson forces himself to smile, although his eyes are not smiling, gives quick laughs through his nose and he is rubbing his eyes at the beginning of a podcast. He looks so casual and so charming. I'd say this is a kind of cultural difference.


eastbayjc said...

What about Dr. Sanjay? If he has anymore plastic surgery & buys a vowel, he's going to turn into Sanjaya!

anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
Hope you had a nice weekend.Thanks
so much for posting the link to the
MSN Mother's Day article-I had not seen that story before.
I always love your screencaps,Mio-
keep up the great work!
Bye for now.

mio_bella said...

Are you a Sanjay fan? I like him a lot but my fascination is not big enough to drive me post his pictures.

anne carter,
My weekend was crazy! I worked and worked and worked! All I did for my mother was buy a pretty flower. I wish I could have done more for her.

Sadly my schedule doesn't allow me to write about AC360 right after the show. Actually I posted for Monday show an hour ago, and Tuesday show is starting at any moment. However, I've gotta go now. See you again 12 hours later!