Thursday, May 10, 2007

Inspiration Online

Anderson was stunningly beautiful tonight!

Whichever Anderblog I visit today, I see a lot of stories about Anderson's book signing. I really envy everyone who had a chance to see him in person! But I know if I had been there, I would have fainted in front of him! Too embarrassing!

I was curious to hear a story of a young cancer patient's story. But actually I am also the one that get inspired online. That boy said never expected getting emails from people from Asia or Brazil. I just felt the same way when I first got a comment on this blog. Now it seems people are visiting my blog from many countries. Never had I dreamed about communicating like this. Thanks to my blog, I made friends with many people. I have been living in Japan all through my life and now I have a lot of international friends. This is really amazing. I'd love to make friends with more and more people from various countries, so please feel free to leave your comments!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mio! Anderson is always stunningly beautiful, no matter what. I wonder how more he would be if I saw him in person. I would definitely freeze. Have you watched AC360 today? It was a good show all in all. The Afghanistan special was informative. I've been hoping Anderson would do this kind of special soon. Unfortunately, he just stayed in Afghanistan briefly because of the Virginia Tech shootings or else we wouldv'e gotten more segments from him. This is what he does best.

Wasn't Anderson such a doll with Erica? They were so cute kidding each other becoming "The Wonder Twins". They were like 2 kids playing. I was smiling and laughing the whole time I was watching them. His reaction to the Terminator 4 was priceless. Sarcasm works for him he's so funny! Hope you can upload the segment I'd love to watch it again. Thanks!


mio_bella said...

Hi Pebbles!

I did watch Thursday AC360 but I just do not have enough time to blog tonight, I decide to take Anderblog holiday. My weekend is really crazy. I came back at 2:00am, working from 10:00-22:00 tomorrow and from 9:00-22:00 on Sunday.

Since I'm the one who will contribute to AnderCandor tomorrow, I'll post something on "Saturday."