Friday, May 04, 2007

Income for a Housewife

$138,000? That's too good to be true! They calculate this figure by assuming each household work is performed by professional. So this figure is way too expensive, I thought. However Anderson said it was a low estimate, which puzzled me.
a) Just beig sarcastic.
b) Difference in value.
c) Yen is too cheap agains dollar.
d) To garner support from all the housewives in the world.

What do you think?

Here are great pictures for my friend Pati!
CONGRATULATIONS!! I got really excited when Anderson called your name! I'm sooo happy for you!


Pati Mc said...

MIO! I just saw this! Oh my gosh that was so sweet of you to do for me! I love it.

I was sleeping when he did it live. Did you get that on DVD? I so hope that someone did and can send me a copy. I taped it on my VCR though.

I am still in denial! I cannot believe that he chose ME! Now when I meet him again he will hopefully remember my name. Well, maybe not!

I so appreciate that you did this for me. Thanks again!

mio_bella said...

I finished editing aa DVD!

I watch TV on my PC and record this show every day. So about once a month, I have to choose which show to delete. But before that, I have to save some nice moments on DVD. I'm always extracting nice AC360 segments and 360 blog for this day's show is definitely the one that I must save! I would love to send it to you from Japan!