Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm addicted!

I was pretty much determined not to blog today but somehow I did. I do not have enough time, so I'm not writing about this great show, but about 360BLOG.

I want to complain. Are they really checking all the comments that are going to be posted? I'm becoming a little skeptical. People got together and complain about slow speed Internet. A person started saying that not everyone has high speed access to DL podcast. Is that the right place to talk about that? At least CNN should not post such arguments. Finally I got so frustrated and post a comment. My comment appeared after 12 hours later. What was really annoying was they did not supply us with the podcast of that day. Because of that silly argument? Anderson did not tell us to watch AC360 daily podcast on Friday's show again. I was afraid there was going to be another non-podcast day. Now I'm glad I can successfully DL Thursday's show.

Another reason I'm getting skeptical about the blog censorship is that they approved exactly the same comments. Apparently a person click the button twice and the comment appear two times. Why didn't they just delete one of them? The chances are they are monitoring comments only for Anderson.

YES! Terminator 4!

Paris Hilton's pardon??
I knew he wears cuffs but I think this is my first time to take notice of one during the show.

It's 3:00am in Japan and I'm getting up 4 hours later and to work! I'm terribly addicted. I shouldn't have done this but should have hit the sack immediately.


anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
I too have noticed that some of the
blog comments were repeated-it doesn't seem like they are checked
very good sometimes.
Love to visit your blog everyday,and look at all the nice pics of Anderson you post-I enjoy
when Erica Hill is on.Did you see
the 6-legged cow from Friday's show?Sometimes Anderson and Erica
are so silly,but I love to hear
him laugh.
Hope you are having a great weekend,take care!

mio_bella said...

Thanks for leaving comment, Anne.

It's now 0:30 on Sunday here in Japan and I finally sit down in front of my PC. I'm going to watch "Friday's" show from now and blog about the show later.

6-legged cow? Wow, I cannot wait to see that!

See you soon!