Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I heart AC!

I'd love my dog to wear this Tshirt! Of course I wish for the logo of "I heart AC!"

You'd rather see pictures of AC instead of this cute dog? Here are some yummy ones!

Was he wearing a striped jacket? Is that the same one that he too often wears?

In today's show, we saw a bulletproof vest examined. That reminds me of an incident that occurred in Japan. Recently, a former member of Japan's biggest gang group took a hostage, who was his ex-wife, and seized her home for 29 hours. He had a gun, and fired toward one of the SWAT members. He was shot to death. Although wearing a bulletproof vest, he was just leaning forward so as to let a bullet penetrated near the victim's collarbone.

You know, here in Japan, guns are prohibited. But still this kind of incident occurs. If carrying guns is allowed, we might see more gun related crimes.

Speaking of guns, have you seen Bowling for Columbine? Michael Moore always brings an interesting issue. And I'd love to see the new one when it is released. What is the title? Oh, yes, "Sicko." Hmm, the pronunciation exactly sounds like a Japanese word meaning "urine." I wonder how will we call this movie in Japanese. If they chose to call the way they pronounce, it sounds pretty weird.


anne carter said...

Hi Mio,I would love to have an Anderson t-shirt,too!Have you seen
the Anderson Cooper 360 t-shirts with the heart in the middle?I think they sell them at the Turner Store.
I sometimes wonder what is going to happen to this world with all the increasing gun violence.I guess
if they are made illegal,people will still find a way to get them-for the right price.It is very scary when you hear stories of kids bringing guns to school.
Doesn't Anderson look really serious in the third picture?
Have a great day!

mio_bella said...

Of course, I saw the Tshirt when I went to NY! I didn't even give it a thought to get one for me. I really don't know when to wear it! Besides, if I were Anderson, I would feel awkward to see a girl wearing Tshirt with his name on it. Am I being pretty rude to people who got one??