Saturday, May 19, 2007

Honor Killing

I felt really bad to see the image of a 17-year-old woman being stoned to death. As Anderson blogged, it is hard to believe this kind of thing could still happen in this modern world. What's worse, this is not the only case of stoning. I was appalled to hear how many women lost their lives from what they call honor killing.

This reminded me of an African woman who would be stoned to death. She got pregnant before she got "officially" married. Her body would be buried so that only her head could be seen. Then people in the village would be stoning her. (Ugh, I really don't want to write this!!)

I heard that story 3 or 4 years ago. At that time, I found a website that was driving a petition with messages from all over the world. I joined that. Now I feel very embarrassed to confess this; I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER! I was really concerned but I don't even remember what happened to her. I might have felt that was something that is happening in the world I don't know.

I tried to search the Net for that woman, but surprisingly, there are way too many women stoned in Africa! In AC360, I guess they said that is mostly happening in Middle East or Afghanistan. I am so shocked to know how many women are suffering from traditional beliefs and thoughts.

Anderson constantly says that human beings are optimistic by nature and tend to forget tragedies too soon. Now I think as if he were complaining about me. But the video will make a difference. That image of stoning is hard to get rid of. And that has happened. I hope people all over the world will be more concerned about this issue and that no woman will be stoned to death in the near future.

On a silly side, how about this!?


anne carter said...

Hi again Mio,
it is really shocking that stonings
and honor killings are happening in the world in this day and age,isn't it?
Mio,thanks so much for posting the
'whoosh..whoosh' video,and I love the pictures,too!Anderson is so silly and so adorable this week!
Enjoy the weekend-bye for now.

mio_bella said...

Thanks for coming back, Anne.

We do neer silly Anderson especially when they conver a lot of disturbing stories.

I forgot to tell you on your previous post, but I did leave comments on 360 blog, before and after the show. But still there are only 7 comments. I guess they've received tons of comments so that they are having a hard time choosing which to post.