Saturday, May 05, 2007

Finally ...

While AC360 was live on TV, it was on but I was preparing for my work, not concentrating on the show. I thought I was recording so that I could watch it thoroughly after I came back but sadly I wasn't. Oh, no... I wanted to save the segment of saving gorillas in Congo or the cute dog & duck couple. On top of that, Anderson was wearing a new pale yellow shirt and neat blue & white stripe tie. What shall I do?

Yes! I can turn to podcast!

Speaking of podcasting, a new 30GB ipod finally reached me! I did choose the quote that Kara recommended me. Now the name of my new ipod is "Follow Your Bliss!"

I received it this morning and it already got a lot of tiny flaws! I do need ipod case immediately!


Looks so gorgeous!


Delie said...

Nice Ipod, Mio!
I know what is like, a recording "failure" of AC 360! That's why I like so much the podcast!
I loved The Shot of the day with the dog and duck! So cute!

Pati Mc said...

Congrats Mio!

Yay, you got the one that I have and I LOVE IT.

Yes, you need a case. I got one immediately and I love it as well. Even though I chose a white leather case, it still looks great after a year. You must protect your investment.

Happy Podcasting! =)

Now can you fill me in on how you got your iPod engraved? That is so cool - I have never seen that before!

I am so happy for you! ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mio! Congrats on the new Ipod. I have the same one and love addiction. It's quickly filling up with all the AC360 podcasts and tons and tons of music. I'm happy you chose the quote I recommended.....although I'm sure many other people thought of the same one, too.

Only a few days until the NYC booksigning - is anyone else here going??? I am so excited. Have even convinced my husband to go.....which should be interesting :-) I'll be sure to share the details with you next week!!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mio for your new ipod! Thank God for the Podcast. I loved the Shot with the duck and the puppy. Anderson really feels comfortable with Erica. She always makes him smile. He had a snarky comment about Paris, who I know he hates (I think he called her a loser) and slaughtering the duck - LOL!


anne carter said...

Hi Mio!
Just want to let you know I loved
the photos of Anderson and Larry
King-you get some really great screencaps,and I enjoy coming to your site very much.
THE SHOT from Friday's show with the duck and puppy was so good-it sounds like you had recording troubles-modern technology sometimes stumbles,doesn't it?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,take

mio_bella said...

To tell you the truth, I DL AC360 podcast every day but I haven't seen them all. I don't need to because I have whole 2-hour show stored on my PC. Now I've got an ipod, I started watching podcast. This is good and also terrible! This drives me even more crazy. I am seeing Anderson up until I fell asleep!

We can show that cute video of the dog and the duck on podcast! That's awesome! I usually extract nice segments and burn them on DVD before deleting what I've recorded but I don't have to do that! ...I know I'll still keep on editing my DVD, though.

Speaking of DVD...
I was burning a DVD for you! That's why I cannot use my PC yesterday. I don't want to use it while I'm doing that because something might be wrong with the DVD and because everything gets so slow.

I did get a case yesterday morning! I am working at a school next to a nice department store. I cannot believe this thing, but as soon as the store opened, I rushed to LV store (the French superexpensive brand. guess?) and got a case! The case is a little more expensive than the ipod itself!!!
I went back to the office 15 minutes later. It was like I am going to get some snack from a convenience store.

I bought it at an apple store online, where engraving service is available free of charge.

Thank you so much for your idea. Now I've got a case and I cannot see the quote all the time, but still I am completely satisfied with the engrving.

You are going to the book signing!? Oh, I envy you! I wish I were living in the States...

Speaking of Paris, I read somewhere that Anderson was called "Paris Hilton of anchor." It must have been really disgusting for him.

Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you loved the pictures from LKL. I've got a lot of pictures and I chose the ones that make me cry with excitement!

mio_bella said...

I just changed the pictures of my ipod!

Delie said...

Nice LV case, Mio! As French and living in Paris, I have a big question: why are there so many Japanese in all the LV stores in town? Why this obsession with this brand?