Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fake or Real?

1. Watch out, Anderson! Tornado is coming to you!!

Fake & Real
Living in Japan, we rarely see tornadoes. They look really cool. But soooo horrible. They never avoid residential area. I was really shocked to see devastated areas and also shocked to hear how many people were killed by tornadoes each year.

2. Forensic Lab?

I used to watch forensic episodes from Discovery Channel. I felt as if I were watching TV drama but this is the real lab. Hair analysis is such a demanding and formidable job, but really rewarding.

3. QUEST was invited to the banquet?

Apparently, he is a fake invited guest.

What people call a member of American Royal family is answering how to greet British Queen. I guess so many people had been waiting for these two popular CNN guys on the same screen. And tonight our dream finally came true!

Useless information

Richard Quest is such a weird guy but we love him because he can draw out a lot of Andergiggles!

4. Is this boy a member of the Royal Family?

He is not Henry look-alike person but Henry himself. Hmm, for Henry, he may be doing what he believes is right to do. British People might admire him for risking his life to help improve situations in Iraq. But after a careful consideration, I don't think it will add a lot of money and personnel to protect him. He might become a target of terrorist attack, which will cause a lot more trouble.
But I can feel sympathy toward Henry, who has been struggling to find out what he should do through his life.

5. Is this Mickey Mouse?

Micky mouse look-alike. This is really horrifying video. This reminded me of a segment of "Afghanistan; unfinished war," where young Pakistan men were reciting Koran instilled with an idea of sacrificing their own lives to kill others. Also it reminded me of images of North Korea, where people are forced to admire the Dear Leader.


anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
I think Prince Harry feels it is
his duty to serve with fellow soldiers,but I really think he may put himself and them at risk,just because of who he is.I guess he has
lived in the shadow of his brother
William and wants to serve his country.
Thanks so much for the great screencaps-they look so great next
to the black background.I loved
the segments about the Queen!I bet
Anderson would look very dashing
in white tie and tails.
Love to visit your blog everyday,Mio-bye for now,take care.

mio_bella said...

Welcome back! As you said, it is hard for the 2nd son to lead a respectable life. His brother's life is pretty much decided but Henry has to finds his bliss.

Quest is appearing for tonight's show again! I hope to see another fun moment.

eastbayjc said...

didn't Quest used to do Finance for BBC? He's so totally British he's awesome...