Thursday, May 31, 2007


This navy&white tie doesn't go well with a black jacket!

I was pretty much encouraged by that 13-year-old boy who finally won the spelling contest. I saw myself in him and I almost cried when he made it.

I confess my embarrassing story here. As I always say, I am living in Japan all through my life and English is a foreign language to me. I've taking an English proficiency test for a long time but I haven't passed it yet. I am feeling so miserable. A few years ago, I needed 2 more points to pass. The following year, I got 80% of correct answers but my writing was terrible, and I didn't make it. And last year, I got full marks in reading and listening but again, my writing was terrible. I was beginning to quit taking that test, or if I should take the test again this year, I think it would be my last time.

Should I stop spending too much time on Anderson? Well, at least I am listening and writing English! (I am watching CNN not so much because I want to study English as because I want to see this handsome anchor!?)

I love the camera approaching Anderson in a very high speed.

Oh, Anderson is so far away! I want to see him a bit closer.

Even closer, please.

Wait! Who is that man wearing a white T shirt? He is not at all photogenic?

We can still see him! Get rid of him!

Oh, no!

He didn't disappear! And I am watching this fat guy, not Anderson!

I always turn to spell check button and no spelling mistake was found! My English is improving!?

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