Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dispatches from the Edge

As a new Anderfan, I really appreciate this special! For the first one minute or so, I got really excited to see Anderson, but once one of the stories started, I could not get excited any more. Those stories were too harsh to concentrate Anderson himself.

Also I am extremely busy and I cannot stay awake any more. I may want to add something that I 've always wantet to te..


War in Afghanistan




Have you got a copy yet?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mio for the Niger screencap. I was hoping that you'd post it. His face really says it all. You can really see how he feels toward the child he was looking at.

Fangirl moment: His blue eyes could really melt you.


mio_bella said...

Oops! The 2nd paragragh!! What was I saying? Even I cannot understand what I was trying to say!

I was really sleepy when I posted this article. There sure were too much to talk about, but I just posted some of the pictures. I think they are going to air this special again and again (to promote the book), so I'll write about one story at a time.

Delie said...

I loved the Special Dispatches. All the segments are so touching and I cry each time I see the Niger one. "Dispatches", book, audio book, videos, reporter's notebooks will always have a very special place in my heart.

Airing this Special was a great gift for the new Anderfans.

Thanks for the screencaps, Mio.

anne carter said...

I did not see the Dispatches special,but I'm sure they will repeat it-they always have a lot of reruns.Mio,those photos are so good.I think Anderson's Hurricane Katrina is some of the finest reporting of anyone I have ever seen.

Rodrigo said...

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