Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dispatch DVD

Delie sent me a very large collection of DVD screencaps! Thanks a million! The DVD must be a hot buy!
(Delie, if you don't want to see your pictures here, please let me know. I'll delete this post right away.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mio and Delie for the screencaps of the DVD. I would really want to purchase it too but I don't think they sell it overseas. Someone from another blog said that they sort of divulged in the DVD their plans for Planet in Peril. Since I won't be able to watch it, can you give some light on that? Thanks.


anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
Those screencaps are beautiful-I especially like the one in front of the London Bridge.Thanks to Delie for them.I would love to be able to get the dvd,too-I read on another blog that people are saying it is awesome!Does anyone know if the dvd says if a special on Planet in Peril is coming up?
Would love to know the details.

mio_bella said...

Sure, I will find some way to watch DVD. Maybe some Anderfan will post it on YouTub? I can only post video with the length of 2~3minutes.

I do love Planet in Peril series. It is so extraordinary and we cannot see anywhere else.
My favorite picture is the one with a beagle since I have a pet beagle!

I didn't have time to post for yesterday's show but I have something in my mind. Check out this page again tomorrow! I will have blogged about both yesterday's show and today's show.

Delie said...

Sorry for the belated answer. There will be a Special Planet in Peril. We can see an advertising for this special on the DVD. I had to ask to another anderfan because I was not sure to have "got it". This special will be broadcast on CNN HD in october (special high definition channel). But we can hope they will also broadcast it after on CNN US and Intl. Or release a DVD!
If someone has more details about it or understands something different about that, please, tell us :-)! Merci beaucoup.

mio_bella said...

I definitely want to get Planet in Peril DVD! Anderson must be so sexy! Oops! Rather, I can learn a lot about this planet and the content must be worth watching!