Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Did I tell them that I get bored?

I had learned that AC would be anchoring from LA studio before the show. I admit that I get a little bit bored when Anderson is live from LA studio. He is literally sitting behind the desk all the time. No standing Anderson. The same camera angle. I can focus on his beautiful face for 2 hours, but I prefer Anderson with various camera angles better. (Ugh, I sound too crazy!?)

At the beginning of the show, it was not so dark.My mother is not an Anderson fan. Whenever she sees him, she complains about his hair style. But tonight... it looks ... somewhat weird. Maybe he needs hair cut?

Yeah, the sun is setting and really beautiful.

It's completely dark. I guess Anderson looks even sexier at night, especially when he is wearing his suit and tie.

I love this location!

This frog is using Jeff's cheek as a trampoline? I love that description.

Finally they showed me the night exploration segment. But why now? Maybe Anderson and Jeff are on their way to another country for Planet in Peril series. Didn't he say it is continuing in coming weeks?

I have a lot to write about tonight's show, but unfortunately I decided to spend less than 10 minutes to blog about it. I've been pretty busy and it's almost 3:00am. I'd better hit the sack right now! Sorry for my rush report.


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

Great screencaps, thank you so much! You do such a wonderful job with them. Love the one of Anderson atop the CNN building.

And I agree with you that Anderson looks even more handsome at night. The dark sky makes a perfect background for that pale skin and platinum hair. But I agree that he needs a haircut. His head looks flat and funny. Aw! I feel certain that he will have had one by the time I see him May 18th. I am going to CNN World Headquarters in Atlanta to see Anderson! I cannot wait to see him in person again. I am so blessed! I already have determined what I am going to say to him and I will tell him about my friends Mio and Delie whom I met because of him. I hope he is touched by this heart warming detail. International friends are the BEST!

Hope school is going well for you. Do you guys get a break over the summer like they do here? I hope for you some time off to rest!

I am lucky as my Mom loves Anderson too. Not as much as I do -but she was with me when I met him in NYC. She was very taken with him and he was so sweet to her! She told him that she loves him in blue shirts - it made both Anderson and I blush, but oh well!

Tonight's show should be good - there is a lot going on today. A shooting, a tornado, a bus accident and all of the Immigration rallies. Busy night for sure!

AndysGirl said...

Great caps Mio. looks like I'm in the minority here, I love his hair longer like it is now. It looks like it would so soft and silky if you ran your fingers through it. Of course, I wouldn't do it without permission.

Great blog, I check it out regularly. Have a great day!

mio_bella said...

I really envy you! Both Pati and Delie are seeing Anderson in person in a few weeks! Please say "Hi" for me!
I just started watching Tuesday AC360 and he looks really sharp!

The moment I read your post and imagine running my finger through his platinum hair (Thanx, Pati! I love this description!), I almost passed out! So fluffy! Now I get so crazy to see him with long hair.