Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bizarre stories

Anonymous person from AnderCandor says Anderson wears this jacket at least three times a week. Let's see and find out!

1. Death of a Taliban leader

Don't show me that dead body, which made me sick!

2. Raw Politics

  • Democratic Big Dog officially announce support to Hilary Clinton! Yeah, this IS a big surprise!
  • Rudy needs to garner support from ferrets?
Tom Foreman is really adorable!

3. Scientology

Scientology itself is so bizarre! This always reminds me of Tom Cruise. I used to be a big fan of him, but his fascination with this cult and Katie disappointed me. MY fascination with Tom disappeared in the blink of eye. I wonder if there is a guy whose fascination with me disappeared due to my fascination with Anderson. Haha!

4. Africa: Dispatches from the Edge

This program is implicitly promoting the paperback? Well, as for me I got a copy from a friend!

Yes! I did enjoy reading the last chapter!

5. 7-month-old toting a gun

Such a bizarre story but I love everything that makes Anderson smile. The signature he made is so cute.

6. Air marshal

Anything can happen in this crazy society and we always have to prepare for the worst. But it's sad that we have to suspect everybody.

7. Wounded Veteran
It's really painful to see this young former soldier. But there is always hope. I still cannot believe he now has a nice face. Not bizarre but such an amazing story.

Death rates at wars might be declining and it's nice for developed countries. But in poor countries, that might make countries collapse financially. Well, those countries might not have this nice medical techniques. Anyway, a war deprives us of too many things and costs too much.
8. Guilty bystanders
Everybody should know you must help people in trouble. But hearing a specialist talk, I'm starting to wonder if I can help in that situation. To know is one thing and to act in harsh situation is another.
9. podcasting
It took me 2 hours to download the podcast for this show! It usually takes less than 10 minutes. I complained about people complaining about how long it takes to DL podcast. I won't complain as long as I can carry Anderson but 2 hours is too long, I think. Too many people might have been downloading the same thing at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Mio that's a great screencap of Anderson. I'm looking forward to that interview with Jeff Koinange. I also like Anderson when he's not using a tie. He looks so darn good in anything. Oh, and I also find his signature cute. You're one of the lucky ones to have a book signed unfortunately though, you weren't there to see him but still, he held the book Mio, hold it close to your heart LOL!


mio_bella said...

While I was writing the last paragragh, you posted your comments! You are definitely there on the other side of the screen! Thank you so much for writing, Pebbles!

Yes, I can feel Anderson a little bit closer to me. I really wish to see him in person someday.

Anonymous said...

The show today was just OK for me, but I think they dealt too much on the passing of Jerry Falwell. During these past 2 weeks we've been getting two hours of AC360 on CNN Intl. I don't know how long that will last but I hope it stays. The best part of the show is that I got to have 2 hours of LIVE Anderson and 3 segments of Anderica. I love it when they have their exchange, they always come up with smart, snarky and funny comments. I love Anderson's resolution - "what's her name" really is not worth mentioning. Oh and after the 3rd segment of their exchange you can see Anderson smiling at the monitor - he obviously enjoyed viewing what he and Erica did, then he proceeded to go to commercial. Erica is the only person who makes him constantly smile.


Delie said...

@ Pebbles: Yeah! We have the 2 hours on CNN International. A double dose of Anderson! I sent a feedback saying how much is great to have at last the whole show. Just hope, like you, it would stay...

Mio, your screencaps are awesome!

anne carter said...

Mio,you are so lucky to have a signed copy of Anderson's book-I would love the chance to see him and get my book signed.Keep it safe forever!
Your first screencap is so cute-I love the black background you have on your site,it really makes the pictures stand out.

mio_bella said...

Yeah, it was really nice to see Anderica three times a day! I'm glad you and Delie enjoyed two hours of Anderson these days. Anderson's determination of not mentioning her name makes me smile. I don't like such a bimbo.

I'm glad you enjoy my screencaps.
I always enjoy YOUR screencaps, too!

You've found my secret! To make picture look even more beautiful, I always use black background for my blogs.