Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anderson likes slightly different things

Every time I do this, I say this in advance; What I like about Anderson best is not how he dresses nor how he looks, but intelligence, character, inside. But I still cannot resist doing this.

navy x white line

navy x red line

Here's another set.

two lines

one line
Also we know 2 polca dot ties, 3(4?) blue ties, 2 red ties... and more. I really love the way he chooses what to wear.


Delie said...

Kawai Anderson is back :-)! Well, he has never been gone?!?

I love the last one!

anne carter said...

Hi again,
It seems that no matter what he wears in suits and ties,he still looks so handsome-no wonder he makes the best-dressed lists.My all
time favorite is the tie he is wearing in the last picture-when he wears it with a dark colored suit,I have to admit,my heart skips a beat!

mio_bella said...

I love the last picture, too. He looks really sad but the blossoms are pretty. And he is wearing a coat, which makes him look well-built.

If I am asked what my favorite is, I don't think I can answer. As you said, he is always handsome no matter what he wears!