Thursday, May 03, 2007

7 hours of overwhelming Anderson

I don't have to feel this way, but I feel a little bit guilty when I don't blog about my favorite show for two days. Two days! I did not have time to watch the whole two hours. Now I have 4 hours of AC360 and when I come back from work, I will have 3 hours of Anderson! 2 hours at LKL, and 1 hour of AC360. I will have to finish watching 7 hours of Anderson by next week!? What shall I do? Yes! I'm turning to podcast on the weekend!

At least, I will post some pictures!


AndysGirl said...

I see you've learned the secret of Anderblogging (oh no, that sounds like Anderabuse)let me rephrase that. When you don't have time to watch the program and it's time to blog, just post lots of yummy screen caps. Everybody will still be happy!

Just think, over the Anderless weekend, you'll have lots of new Anderson to watch.

Take care!

Delie said...

That's SO right, Andysgirl! Just post some nice screen caps if you can't talk about the show :-)!

Mio, I saved the your pics! I LOVE the black background. And the first, with the smile... Your Anderblogging is great!

Anonymous said...

hi mio,
I just read somewhere that Anderson has a piece on 60 minutes
on Sunday -another show to enjoy!
Love the photos from L.A.!

mio_bella said...

I guess all you need from my blog is YUMMY pictures! Sometimes, I visit various blogs and just correct yummy Anderson pics without reading whole articles.

I'm glad you enjoyed these pictues. While you are away, I'll capture more than 100 Andermoments and send you all!

Unfortunately, I do not have an access to CBS. CNN is the only channel I can see Anderson. I hope AC360 will show us how he will do in 60 minutes and Regis & Kelly today.