Saturday, May 26, 2007

07/05/25 AC360 Commentary

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10:01pm - Anderson in Greenland!

I was waiting for you, Anderson! I literally shouted and cried when I first saw him on location. Thanks to the cap, his wrinkle between brows is even more distinguished. I awfully love it!

10:02pm - Hillary & Obama talking about Iraq War
I have some thought about this issue, but I've decided not to talk about American politics on any blogs.
From a non-English-speaker's point of view, I have a question. I for the first time noticed that Hillary is called Mrs. Clinton. I thought she was called "Ms." Clinton in stead of "Mrs." Clinton. Is the word "Mrs." still popular?

10:16pm - Raw Politics
I find it pretty funny to have such a poll as voting who to go on a picnic with.

10:18pm - 360 Bulletin
Lisa, the astronaut, finally left NASA.

10:20pm - What are they thinking?
11days without sleep? How inefficient he must be. He looks like trying to work for a cable television? I don't think it is a nice idea to see anyone without sleep. They will look terrible. But I am always thinking how nice it would be if a cable TV offered 24/7 Anderson Cooper Channel.

10:21pm - American Morning promotion
L. King passes the program to J. King, and John passes a segment to John!

10:24pm - Planet in Peril
Again, I went into rapture! To tell you the truth, by the time I started writing this blog, I had already watched this segment 3 times! And I'm again watching it.
*the 1st time, I screamed,
*the 2nd time, I got intoxicated,
*the 3rd time, I fainted

And finally, I think I can concentrate what they are talking about. But before that, how about these?

Phew, it takes me a lot of time to get used to these cute Anderson with puffy coat and a cap!

Honestly, unlike deforestation in Amazon, it is pretty hard to see how critical the situation in Greenland is. To me, it was just a beautiful icy island. However, I was shocked to hear the rate at which the temperature is rising, and how much ice is melting. Anderson always go to the most vulnerable region so that we can take each issue we have to heart. This is what I like about him.

10:43pm - Cyber Confessions

Interesting story. Not being a Christian, I have a lot to confess. Let me type away one of it here!

I've just eaten a bunch of chocolate chip cookies even though I am on a diet. And it is almost 2:00am. Forgive me...

11:00pm - Rerun of Dispatches from the Edge special?

At first they were running the same thing as they aired on Wednesday, but this time, Anderson's trip to Southeast was added. I love Anderson playing with an elephant.


anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
Oh,doesn't he look so cute all bundled up like that?Do you think he has a little bit of a mustache?
I love your idea of a 24/7 Anderson Channel-but how would we ever sleep?
I confess,I always get hungry late at night,especially during 360.
I missed the Dispatches Special on Wednesday,and was so glad to see it-I recorded it this time.
Thanks for the great pictures,Mio!

mio_bella said...

Thank you for the very quick comment!
I did recognize a little bit of a mustache! I forgot mentioning it. I wonder he keeps on having it during his stay on the top of the world.

Delie said...

You are forgiven... for the chocolate chip cookies :-)! That's all you have to confess?

I like ArticAnderson!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the screencaps I had the same feeling you had Mio when I first saw him - except I didn't cry. That really goes to show that Anderson still looks hot whatever he puts on, even if he's all bundled up with just his face showing. Cute! I wonder what he'd look like with a 5 o'clock shadow (is that the right term?).


mio_bella said...

Or he might even have a real mustache instead of 5:00 shadow tomorrow! I cannot wait to check that out tomorrow.

I read some people using the word "five-o'clock shadow" at other sites, too. Yay! I learned a new word!