Thursday, May 31, 2007


This navy&white tie doesn't go well with a black jacket!

I was pretty much encouraged by that 13-year-old boy who finally won the spelling contest. I saw myself in him and I almost cried when he made it.

I confess my embarrassing story here. As I always say, I am living in Japan all through my life and English is a foreign language to me. I've taking an English proficiency test for a long time but I haven't passed it yet. I am feeling so miserable. A few years ago, I needed 2 more points to pass. The following year, I got 80% of correct answers but my writing was terrible, and I didn't make it. And last year, I got full marks in reading and listening but again, my writing was terrible. I was beginning to quit taking that test, or if I should take the test again this year, I think it would be my last time.

Should I stop spending too much time on Anderson? Well, at least I am listening and writing English! (I am watching CNN not so much because I want to study English as because I want to see this handsome anchor!?)

I love the camera approaching Anderson in a very high speed.

Oh, Anderson is so far away! I want to see him a bit closer.

Even closer, please.

Wait! Who is that man wearing a white T shirt? He is not at all photogenic?

We can still see him! Get rid of him!

Oh, no!

He didn't disappear! And I am watching this fat guy, not Anderson!

I always turn to spell check button and no spelling mistake was found! My English is improving!?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Dream Comes True!?

I was really surprised they aired this guy, Ken Noguchi, who is devoted himself to cleaning up Mt. Fuji. I've always thought they should cover a story of him. I wonder if there is a person who sent CNN this information. (CNN Heroes)

Really surprisingly, just a few days ago, I had a dream of Anderson coming to Japan. In my dream, I made use of my one-day holiday to Tokyo but I couldn't meet him. Mt. Fuji was one of the destination of Anderson's trip to Japan.

I've gotta go now and another post will appear after I come back from work.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

07/05/25 AC360 Commentary

Also check out AnderCandor!

10:01pm - Anderson in Greenland!

I was waiting for you, Anderson! I literally shouted and cried when I first saw him on location. Thanks to the cap, his wrinkle between brows is even more distinguished. I awfully love it!

10:02pm - Hillary & Obama talking about Iraq War
I have some thought about this issue, but I've decided not to talk about American politics on any blogs.
From a non-English-speaker's point of view, I have a question. I for the first time noticed that Hillary is called Mrs. Clinton. I thought she was called "Ms." Clinton in stead of "Mrs." Clinton. Is the word "Mrs." still popular?

10:16pm - Raw Politics
I find it pretty funny to have such a poll as voting who to go on a picnic with.

10:18pm - 360 Bulletin
Lisa, the astronaut, finally left NASA.

10:20pm - What are they thinking?
11days without sleep? How inefficient he must be. He looks like trying to work for a cable television? I don't think it is a nice idea to see anyone without sleep. They will look terrible. But I am always thinking how nice it would be if a cable TV offered 24/7 Anderson Cooper Channel.

10:21pm - American Morning promotion
L. King passes the program to J. King, and John passes a segment to John!

10:24pm - Planet in Peril
Again, I went into rapture! To tell you the truth, by the time I started writing this blog, I had already watched this segment 3 times! And I'm again watching it.
*the 1st time, I screamed,
*the 2nd time, I got intoxicated,
*the 3rd time, I fainted

And finally, I think I can concentrate what they are talking about. But before that, how about these?

Phew, it takes me a lot of time to get used to these cute Anderson with puffy coat and a cap!

Honestly, unlike deforestation in Amazon, it is pretty hard to see how critical the situation in Greenland is. To me, it was just a beautiful icy island. However, I was shocked to hear the rate at which the temperature is rising, and how much ice is melting. Anderson always go to the most vulnerable region so that we can take each issue we have to heart. This is what I like about him.

10:43pm - Cyber Confessions

Interesting story. Not being a Christian, I have a lot to confess. Let me type away one of it here!

I've just eaten a bunch of chocolate chip cookies even though I am on a diet. And it is almost 2:00am. Forgive me...

11:00pm - Rerun of Dispatches from the Edge special?

At first they were running the same thing as they aired on Wednesday, but this time, Anderson's trip to Southeast was added. I love Anderson playing with an elephant.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dispatches from the Edge

As a new Anderfan, I really appreciate this special! For the first one minute or so, I got really excited to see Anderson, but once one of the stories started, I could not get excited any more. Those stories were too harsh to concentrate Anderson himself.

Also I am extremely busy and I cannot stay awake any more. I may want to add something that I 've always wantet to te..


War in Afghanistan




Have you got a copy yet?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anderson is off tonight ...

Larry King: Anderson is off tonight...
Oh, all right. I can go swimming right now.

Larry King: Anderson is off tonight ...
Oh, I know!

John King: Anderson is off tonight.
So what?


Yay! I cannot wait!

Planet in Peril

Anderson is not going to Greenland? I love this series, partly because I can see Anderson in mother nature.

It is not until we see the image that we take global warming to heart. We can hardly notice something is happening, but every inch matters a lot.

Yeah, ice is melting, and Anderson melts us!

As a non-native speaker of English, I was pretty much mesmerized by this.
From Transcript;
A Web site that lets you know who is a government informant, is it a First Amendment freedom or an easy way for betrayed criminals to get revenge? You decide -- next on 360.

He said all that in only 7 or 8 seconds! I really love this speed.

Anderson likes slightly different things

Every time I do this, I say this in advance; What I like about Anderson best is not how he dresses nor how he looks, but intelligence, character, inside. But I still cannot resist doing this.

navy x white line

navy x red line

Here's another set.

two lines

one line
Also we know 2 polca dot ties, 3(4?) blue ties, 2 red ties... and more. I really love the way he chooses what to wear.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I heart AC!

I'd love my dog to wear this Tshirt! Of course I wish for the logo of "I heart AC!"

You'd rather see pictures of AC instead of this cute dog? Here are some yummy ones!

Was he wearing a striped jacket? Is that the same one that he too often wears?

In today's show, we saw a bulletproof vest examined. That reminds me of an incident that occurred in Japan. Recently, a former member of Japan's biggest gang group took a hostage, who was his ex-wife, and seized her home for 29 hours. He had a gun, and fired toward one of the SWAT members. He was shot to death. Although wearing a bulletproof vest, he was just leaning forward so as to let a bullet penetrated near the victim's collarbone.

You know, here in Japan, guns are prohibited. But still this kind of incident occurs. If carrying guns is allowed, we might see more gun related crimes.

Speaking of guns, have you seen Bowling for Columbine? Michael Moore always brings an interesting issue. And I'd love to see the new one when it is released. What is the title? Oh, yes, "Sicko." Hmm, the pronunciation exactly sounds like a Japanese word meaning "urine." I wonder how will we call this movie in Japanese. If they chose to call the way they pronounce, it sounds pretty weird.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

60 Minutes

Reporter's Notebook
Preview: Dumping On Skid Row

Din't we see this story on 360 a few weeks ago? But it seems this segment is even more detailed.

The Alt Time 100

Anderson Cooper is the second most important person in the society!

The Alt TIME 100

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Honor Killing

I felt really bad to see the image of a 17-year-old woman being stoned to death. As Anderson blogged, it is hard to believe this kind of thing could still happen in this modern world. What's worse, this is not the only case of stoning. I was appalled to hear how many women lost their lives from what they call honor killing.

This reminded me of an African woman who would be stoned to death. She got pregnant before she got "officially" married. Her body would be buried so that only her head could be seen. Then people in the village would be stoning her. (Ugh, I really don't want to write this!!)

I heard that story 3 or 4 years ago. At that time, I found a website that was driving a petition with messages from all over the world. I joined that. Now I feel very embarrassed to confess this; I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER! I was really concerned but I don't even remember what happened to her. I might have felt that was something that is happening in the world I don't know.

I tried to search the Net for that woman, but surprisingly, there are way too many women stoned in Africa! In AC360, I guess they said that is mostly happening in Middle East or Afghanistan. I am so shocked to know how many women are suffering from traditional beliefs and thoughts.

Anderson constantly says that human beings are optimistic by nature and tend to forget tragedies too soon. Now I think as if he were complaining about me. But the video will make a difference. That image of stoning is hard to get rid of. And that has happened. I hope people all over the world will be more concerned about this issue and that no woman will be stoned to death in the near future.

On a silly side, how about this!?

Dun-dun! Whoosh Whoosh!

The way Anderson is promoting 360 podcast is so cute! "Dun-dun," "Whoosh Whoosh!" What will he say next?

Friday, May 18, 2007


What does this word mean? Well, to tell you the truth, I just punch my key board without looking at it. I cannot spell it again any more. But the words this 7th grader champion is learning sound just like this, which I made without any thought. As a non-native speaker, even your daily English words are sometimes very difficult.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dispatch DVD

Delie sent me a very large collection of DVD screencaps! Thanks a million! The DVD must be a hot buy!
(Delie, if you don't want to see your pictures here, please let me know. I'll delete this post right away.)