Friday, April 20, 2007

Trip to NYC!

I went to NYC at the end of March and at the beginning of April. I was hoping to run into Anderson but unfortunately, I couldn't. Now I have a reason to go back to NYC again soon! If you go there for the book signing next month, you've got 100% of seeing him? But sadly, I cannot. I have work.

Time Warner Center

I was inside this building almost every day! I often hear a story of people seeing Anderson in Whole Foods Market or Inside CNN. There aren't many people in the CNN store, but WFM is always crowded! (I went there 5 times in different time slot.) Sometimes, the line for casher is really long and it reached over the entrance! When I see a long line, I can easily decide there's no chance of seeing Anderson.

I got these stuff;

It is not allowed to take picture here, but I did! I intentilnally make this picture extra-small. I was on my way home from yoga class and I do not wear any make-up and looks really terrible. You can experience news reading and have it recorded on DVD. I forgot how much it costs, but it sounds fun! I might have done that if I had been wearing make-up and nice clothes.

I was staying at an apartment located only 10 block away from CNN studio. However, they didn't have cable and I couldn't watch CNN! I stayed at another apartment and the same there. I was really Anderfrustrated during my stay in NY but later I found that Anderson was off for a week, which made me somewhat relieved.(Below is the picture from the balcony. TWC is so close!)

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