Friday, April 27, 2007

New Shirt

I guess many of you got excited to see him in this new stripe shirt! Do you like it? Do you think it goes well with him? Hmm, it's ok as long as he wears it once in a very long time but personally, I don't want to see it frequently.

I feel really happy to see this! How sweet of them to let Dr. Hawking experience zero gravity. This doctor, who cannot move by himself and needs every gadget to move around, must have felt a little bit of freedom. It sure was a chance of a lifetime.

Speaking of a "show that happens once in a lifetime..."

Yeah, we are all looking forward to this special program next week!

I've been pretty lazy about AC360 these days. I do get some picture caps but I haven't had enough time to see the whole show. I might write about the show way after I upload pictures.

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