Thursday, April 12, 2007

Need a Change!

I'm starting to feel pretty fed up with all debates on Imus and former lacrosse players. I might be too objective but from an English learner's point of view, the debate is really well organized and, in a way, I enjoyed their speeches. Anyway, I'm not talking about these issues. If I were too keen on them, I might have wanted to call CNN and try to talk to Anderson!

I enjoyed Sanjay's report. When I was in the States last week, I saw his book sold in many bookstores, and I nearly got one, but I didn't. Now I saw a part of his study, and I will probably watch his programs on weekends, I think I should have got one there.

I think changing your daily activity can be a rest. When I was staying with my friends in New Hampshire last week, I literally did nothing special. I did not have TV nor PC so I had no Anderson. I spent my time reading in front of the fireplace. And when it gets dark, I fall asleep and it is about 8:00pm. There's no light outside so it was really calm. And I woke up before 5:00am.

This is a drastic change! I usually go to bed about 3:00am or 4:00am and wake up at 9:00am! At first I was afraid that the lifestyle there would be really boring. But I felt so relaxed there and after that, I got even more energetic. Hope these two workaholics take the sabbath off. Or going outside the studio is a change of activity for Anderson? No wonder he always looks brilliant when he wears suit and tie for the first time after casual look.

Speaking of going outside, Anderson is live from NOLA again tomorrow. That's a change of the program. These days, all the topics I see on CNN, not only AC360, are the same. And we really need that!


Why don't you change your suit & tie?

Anderson looks so cool after a week long vacation!

This purple tie really suits him!

The same jacket? Or the very similar jacket? The same tie as he wore the day before yesterday?

Am I being mean to Anderson? But I really love to see Anderson wear same things again and again.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling he just leaves his ties/suits in the office and picks up whatever he sees first. He doesn't care if he just wore it the other day, but being on TV I think he should care because people are watching they might start to think he only has a limited wardrobe. Wait, I think he admitted that before - he doesn't spend much for clothes. Oh well, he's a typical guy. I know people like that.


Anonymous said...

I think he only wears the suits when he's actually taping interviews or on the air. All the photos you ever see of him coming to work, he's in (yum!) bluejeans and teeshirts.

mio_bella said...

I guess you two are right. He is just wearing the suits like certain officer puts on his uniform.(Is my English OK?Do you get what I want to say??)

Again, I do not dislike Anderson not caring about his clothes or rather I love it. This really reflects his character.