Sunday, April 22, 2007

Larry King Live

I just found that Anderson is going to host Larry King Live, which was postponed due to the VT massacre, on May 3rd! I was disappointed when they decided not to celebrate Larry King on that week, but they will next week!


Anonymous said...

Last week as I was surfing the channels I caught Larry King talking to a familiar figure across him with silver hair (his back was to the camera). So I stopped at that channel and I was right - it's none other than Anderson. The show was The Insider, they were showing clips of LKL 50 yrs. of Pop and Culture. They showed AC walking along the street with Larry alone and also a clip with Larry and Ryan Seacrest as well, then there was one where all 3 of them were putting on shades. Oh, Anderson looked hot! I can't wait to watch the special. So finally, it will be shown next week.


mio_bella said...

I haven't got any information on LKL 50years of pop and culture. I haven't even watched the CM of it. I really cannot wait! I hope there won't be another big incident and that my PC will work all right so that I can record the whole show.