Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm not trying to be inquisitive but...

I've noticed something.

Anderson goes away from NY and goes to NOLA or to the west on the 2nd weekend of a month. Coincidence?

January: NOLA
February: NOLA then LA
March: LA
April: NOLA

The chances for tomorrow show are...
1. Anderson from NOLA
2. Anderson from LA

Let's see if I am right.


Delie said...

Mmmm, good question, Mio! Good question... If only he could think to come to Paris!

mio_bella said...

Or to Japan.


I would never have chance to see him even if he should come to Japan. In that case, I would be too jealous of all the people that would see him! I can't tolerate such a situation.

I just started watching today's AC360 and it's 1:40 am. I could have hit the sack after taking a bath, but I turned on PC! I am badly addicted!