Thursday, April 26, 2007

What's needed is ...

#1 Good Dad
It seems to me that that worst dad had done whatever he could to get what he wanted. That dad is truly the worst dad in America, rather in the world. I was pretty impressed how objective the son is seeing the situation. I'm sorry his father is the worst one but he grew up to be a nice young boy.

#2 Kidney!
More than 46,000 Americans needed a new kidney.
Less than a third, just 13,266, received a kidney.
This reminded me of organ tourism, where people are heading to China to receive organs from criminals. Ugh... That was a really horrifying story.

#3 Rest!
Micheal, you too prefer not to take a rest? Anderson said that Micheal had literally just got back. A minute later, while they were talking, I could hear that phrase again. Was that only my problem? Or emphasizing when Micheal got back?

#4 Silence!

This is a cute and wise way to show how you are feeling about this "news."

#5 Cute Anderson on podcast!
Unfortunately, they cut out the moment Anderson was whistling. I really wanted that! So what should I do? Alright! I'll upload the moment on YouTube!

#6 Bongo Drum!
Anderson had already seen Bush dancing and playing bongo drums. He might have wanted to join them? I did it again!

#7 Tom Foreman!
Tom is my 101st favorite CNN reporter.
Anderson Cooper fills the list of my top 100 favorite anchor & reporter!


Anonymous said...

I loved today's 360, Anderson seems to be happy today. He had fun with the Rosie/Donald segment again and I finally heard him whistle. Thanks for that screencap! He also had fun during the Shot with Tom Foreman and gave scores to Bush and Rove dancing. I was smiling the whole time. It's so cute when he's more of himself and having fun. I don't know if you saw that while hearing the background music playing he was tapping his hand on the table like a drum before he started a new segment. He seems to be feeling good and in his element today compared to the past shows.


mio_bella said...

Thank you, Pebbles.
Actually, I watched the first hour of Wednesday's AC360 just now. I was out when it was broadcasted. I came back home and stayed home for just about half an hour. I spent what little time on checking this program. I happened to catch that scene of whistling Anderson and couldn't help taking still pictures and uploading them.

I liked the show a lot and I did add a title, sentences, and movies!

Addy said...

Even though I was not able to watch all of 360 last night, I loved what I saw...He seemed to be in a really good mood, which is always a good thing! :o)

Delie said...

Michael Ware in the studio, Anderson whistling, the Shot... I started my day watching this! How could I be more smiling all day long after that? Well, I know another way but this one is a quite good one too! :-)!

Mio, thanks for the video and the caps!

mio_bella said...

It seems everybody enjoyed last night's show! I've been pretty busy these days and been very lazy about AC360. I didn't watch the whole 2 hours these days. Only one hour... I feel a little bit guilty. Pebbles & Delie really want to see them all and they cannot, I can but I am not. But I'm going to watch everything during Anderless weekend!

I know AC360 is starting soon, but again, I'm leaving home to go swimming!