Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I didn't know I was such an Andereligious person!

I am finally back! I'll write about my trip to NY later!
As I wrote before, my last two weeks is totally Anderson-free. I was pretty frustrated but at last, I got used to a live without TV. In a way, it may be good to lead a life without PC or TV.

However, when I turned on TV for AC360 for the first time in a long period, I literally collapsed! How can I express this emotion??
It's like...
1. a Christian Dior face lotion soaking through extremely dried skin after 12 hours of flight,
2. getting liquid after months of wandering in the middle of desert,
3. a religious person paying a visit to Mecca,

Anyway, I was totally on cloud nine.

I love this experiment of this highly profiled violinist playing violin in a subway entrance. As I have just been to the States and saw a lot of street musicians, I know how hard it is for people (or just me?) try not to pay attention to them. I've been studying music for a long time and I think I know who is talented and who is not. But under this circumstance like this, I would never be able to know how brilliant he plays music.

Anchoring in a subway station!? Hmm, it is too dangerous for you, Anderson.

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