Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How Come You Don't Call Me!?

This is not about Alicia Key's song, but "How Come You Don't Call Me!?" I shouted like Alicia in front of my PC screen. I'll tell you why.

Yesterday, just after 360 finished I turned on Japanese news channel. I was not at all interested but TV was just on and not watching it at all. When I happened to cast an eye on the screen, I saw this CM! This is Anderson's favorite! I have to let him know!! I sent the link via iReport.

Anderson said that was from a viewer. A viewer means me! How come you don't call me!?

However I found out at least two of my friends in Japan sent it to CNN. Then why he said "a viwer?" Maybe he tries to make us happy.


Pati Mc said...

Wow Mio!

I can't believe that you sent this to Anderson. That is so cool. How sweet of you to think of him and to know that he would love this video. He is so silly about these things. But I have to agree that they are great! I love Seaman Ship as well. It makes me laugh and smile. So cute, just like Anderson himself. He sure is an enigma.

Glad you are back to blogging, we all missed you a lot. And I cannot wait to hear about the details of your trip. Take care and don't work too hard.

jan said...

Mio--I wondered if you were the one that sent this. You were the first person I thought of.

Also I went in and downloaded the new podcast and when I was done, I clicked on recent viewed and the one from yesterday was there, so you might try that.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I immediately thought of you Mio when he said that a viewer sent it to him LOL! But it would have been great if he actually mentioned your name. Haha! you made Anderson and the whole 360 crew excited. Of course, like he said there's nothing like the original.


mio_bella said...

I'll definitely be writing about my trip on AC360 holidays! No Anderson, but it was pretty exciting!

Thank you for your information. Now I have three of podcasts right now. Phew! I'm relieved neither of them disappeared.

I haven't reached my goal; Anderson mentioning my name on screen! But I've been pretty active on the net and I guess I'll have to take sabbath so that I do not look like a really crazy person.

I got this information on the CM. How much do you think it cost? $35,000! That's so inexpensive, eh?

I also got a contact with a guy who appears on CM! He is a comedian. I told him that his CM was broadcasted around the world! He must be thrilled to hear that.