Friday, April 13, 2007

Deeply Concerned

Last time Anderson was live from NOLA, I wrote that I felt sorry for Anderson and that he had gone to New Orleans just to cover stories of Anna Nicole Miller. This time, he went all the way to NOLA and he had to spare quite a long time on Imus. I don't think this is what Anderson wants to do. Or does he?

However, I'm not criticizing producers' decision. Tonight show was brilliant. They covered a wide variety of issues and as for Imus, I guess they brought something new.

Beautiful Black Person
I could see how angry and frustrated Amy was when they were talking about those music videos. I remember Paula Zahn covered a lot of stories about rap music about a month ago. I do not really know this is a right thing to say, but let me say this. There's a fact that once African American people were discriminated and those days, those people were considered to be inferior and unsuccessful. Now, only a few people judge by the color of their skins but the content of their characters. They are smart, competent, cool, beautiful... and I would give you all the nice words for you. But dancers in Rap music videos have gone too far. They are trying to look too beautiful and too sexy, which sometimes offends sophisticated people like Amy. She is one of the most beautiful persons I've ever seen. The more I see her, the more attracted I get. Why don't they let the world show how beautiful Black persons are not by rap music videos but by Amy-like persons?

New Orleans
I see Anderson's facial expression change when he report the situations there. He seems deeply concerned about it and whenever he meets people living there, he looks really caring and encouraging them. How sweet of him!

He had another talk with that 83-year-old cute guy and whenever I see them talk, I had a warm-hearted feelings. Actually that reminds me of a Japanese journalist who used to pay a visit to an earthquake survivor on New Year's Eve for about 10 years. The survivor was a very old lady, lived in a makeshift house with an old dog. At the end, her physical condition became really bad and he stopped visiting her at certain point and I don't know what happened to her after that.

Anyway, I'm really glad people are successfully rebuilding their own house.

Speaking of building a house, I went to my friend's house in New Hampshire last week. And he built his house by himself!! How incredible! That was really a nice house. And .... He was killed!? Oops! That pastor in the news and the friend share exactly the same name! How surprising!

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What happened to Sheryl Crow!? I like her a lot! I have even been to her live concert!
Wasn't she supposed to be talking about global warming? Maybe her segment was cut out due to Imus breaking news. I hope to see her tomorrow. Maybe they wrote something about Friday's show. I went to AC360 web page but ... there I saw another woman. Where's Sheryl gone!?

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