Friday, April 20, 2007


I changed the title and the content a little bit after I read and replyied to Pebbles' comment. Click the title and read our comments. I should have mentioned them in this article.
Beautiful blossoms, beautiful lights, beautiful night and really beautiful anchor.

I've read and heard too much reports on Cho. I know a lot of details are coming to light and I understand they have a lot to tell about. But there's a downside. There may be some idiots who want to follow suit. Rather, I am just fed up with the images of Cho and I believe victims or anyone involved will never want to see him any more.

Did you see the podcast CNN All access; Virginia Tech? Everyone has been really devoted to this story. I appreciate that but at the same time, I hope they will not go too far.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the screencap Mio! He looks so gorgeous. I just want to say that I liked the last segment of the first hour best, when Anderson said that they would remember the victims not how they died but how they lived. He compiled all the interviews of the friends and families of the victims interspersing them together each having a nice story to tell about the person. And he ended the segment with a beautiful song recorded by one of the victims. This is what Anderson does best, he always does it from the heart. And the viewer would almost always feel for his story. That's one of the reasons why I like Anderson's reporting.


mio_bella said...

Hey Pebbles,
Your comment was really early today! Actually, I thought I saved this picture cap, but I uploaded it without title nor article. Last night show was really "beautiful". Beautiful blossoms, beautiful light, beautiful night and a beautiful anchor. I just couldn't help capturing pretty pictures.

As you wrote, I love the idea of focusing how they lived not how they died. And I also loved the segment you mentioned. That was the only moment I forgot about disgusting images of the killer and and pay deep condolence of the victims, many of whom are young and powerful young people full of bright future ahead of them.