Saturday, April 28, 2007

Any Ideas?

I'm thinking of getting a new ipod. Currently, I use ipod nano and cannot watch AC360 podcast.

I'm getting one just to watch Anderson. So I want to have it engraved some Ander-related words. Maybe a short quate and his name?

What would you write on your ipod?


Anonymous said...

"Follow Your Bliss"


mio_bella said...

Welcome, Kara!
Thank you so much for your idea. As I am not a good English speaking person, I'm having hard time choosing one. I'll have it on the top of my list so far.

Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

You need to get the 30 gig iPod that shows videos. I have had mine for about a year and I LOVE it. I have not even begun to fill it up and I have all sorts of podcasts and movies and music videos on it. Not to mention TONS of Anderphotos and music galore. It is only one third full! I would not imagine that you would need a bigger one.

I got mine at Target and it cost about $300. USD. I will tell you the truth, if I could afford to buy one for everyone I know I would! It is my favorite thing in the world - besides Anderson that is! LOL! I use it every day all day at work - I don't know what I would do without it.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

i have never written before,but i have been reading your blog since
jan/07-just wanted to say i enjoy it very much-i especially enjoyed
watching season 2 of 'the mole'.does anyone have an idea how we could write to someone and get it released on dvd?
thanks so much.

mio_bella said...

30GB ipod is exactly what I want so that I can see him wherever I am and whenever I want. Sounds like a new ipod will make me even crazier about Anderson!

Welcom, Anne!
I'm so glad you've finally left a comment and that you visit my blog frequently.

You can watch the second season of the MOLE on this person's YouTube page.

And Season 1;

Anonymous said...

Hey Mio - thanks for the welcome, but I'm not new to your blog, been visiting for months now and have posted a few times, but only used my initials...KL. Anyway, keep up the great work, I love seeing what you come up with here. And, your English is fantastic, I'm in awe of your ability! Let us know what quote you decide on.
Take care,

mio_bella said...

I thought that was your first time to leave comments. Sorry, I didn't recognize you.

I've just been to Apple store and got one! I did choose, "Follow Your Bliss!" I was considering of engraving the name, "Anderson Cooper," but in the last minute, I deleted it.

I had two reasons for that: 1) my name is not Anderson Cooper; 2) I look too crazy! Nobody would care, but I want to stay cool and calm in my daily life. (Is it too late already? Everybody around me knows how crazy I am!)

Delie said...

Hey Mio,
You made me laugh! You, crazy? Noooo! And you're not Anderson Cooper? :-)! Follow your bliss is a wonderful sentence.
I'm happy for you and your new Ipod. What color? I was about to buy a new one last Saturday but it wouldn't be so wise to do that, 10 days before going to do some shopping in NYC! I can wait a few weeks or months more.

It's holiday in France tomorrow (and next tuesday too, and also the 17th, a thursday)... 3 very long week-ends if you can take a day off ! I love May!

mio_bella said...

You have a lot of holidays in France, too? In Japan, this week is called, "Golden Week." Our holidays are, 4/28(Sat),29(Sun),30(National Holiday), 5/3(NH),5/4(NH),5/5(NH) and 5/6(Sun).
Unfortunately, I have only one day off. But I can do without it. My school gives us 2-week spring vacation and summer vacation. That's better!
I really want to go back to NYC again together. Please say "Hi" to Anderson for me!

Anonymous said...


You're too funny! Glad you got the new Ipod - enjoy. I know what you mean about staying cool and calm in your real life. I'm 38, married and have a good job in Human Resources at a large corporation. I wonder what people would think if they knew about my AC "addiction," ha, ha.....not in a fangirl kind of way, although no doubt, he is beautiful, but I truly admire him for the way he lives his life and look at him a role model. However, there's just no one in my daily life who really gets it. Oh well, at least we have these little communities to share with each other. Have a good day and enjoy Golden Week. I have alot of co-workers in Japan and this is a big week for them.

Take care,

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your self-introduction, Kara. Sometimes, I have an awkward feeling that I might not be communicating with a "real" person if I do not know him or her face-to-face. Now that I'm getting to know you, I feel like you are my real friend.

I understand the way you adore Anderson. I do not only get crazy but do look up to him. He's changed and is changing my life greatly. I am learning so much about what is happening right now ourside our country. I really appreciate this program.

I hope to talk to you again!