Thursday, April 05, 2007

Anderfrustrating Days

Since I came to the States, my life is totally Anderson-free. I almost forget that I am addicted to Anderson or even forget who he is!

I was in NY last week and I could not watch CNN even though my apartment is only a mile away from Columbus Circle.

I went to Boston to see one of my Andercrazy friends. But I stayed there on Saturday and Sunday, so no AC360.

Now I am staying with my friend in New Hampshire, and she does not have a TV! Thank God Anderson is taking holiday and JR is hosting the show.

I had a plan to visit Washington DV but the plan was called off and will go back to NY again tomorrow. Hope I can bump into Anderson this time. Or at least, I hope to see Anderson on TV.

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Anonymous said...

He has been in NYC this week - good luck - I hope you see him!!!!!!