Saturday, April 28, 2007

Any Ideas?

I'm thinking of getting a new ipod. Currently, I use ipod nano and cannot watch AC360 podcast.

I'm getting one just to watch Anderson. So I want to have it engraved some Ander-related words. Maybe a short quate and his name?

What would you write on your ipod?

Friday, April 27, 2007

New Shirt

I guess many of you got excited to see him in this new stripe shirt! Do you like it? Do you think it goes well with him? Hmm, it's ok as long as he wears it once in a very long time but personally, I don't want to see it frequently.

I feel really happy to see this! How sweet of them to let Dr. Hawking experience zero gravity. This doctor, who cannot move by himself and needs every gadget to move around, must have felt a little bit of freedom. It sure was a chance of a lifetime.

Speaking of a "show that happens once in a lifetime..."

Yeah, we are all looking forward to this special program next week!

I've been pretty lazy about AC360 these days. I do get some picture caps but I haven't had enough time to see the whole show. I might write about the show way after I upload pictures.

Everyday 360!

We are having AC360 even on Saturday and Sunday! I think they'll just air taped one twice, but I'm pretty happy about it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I really love the beginning of the AC360 podcast released on April 24th. He looked very serious at first and then suddently he makes himself show us a cute smile. How sweet!

What's needed is ...

#1 Good Dad
It seems to me that that worst dad had done whatever he could to get what he wanted. That dad is truly the worst dad in America, rather in the world. I was pretty impressed how objective the son is seeing the situation. I'm sorry his father is the worst one but he grew up to be a nice young boy.

#2 Kidney!
More than 46,000 Americans needed a new kidney.
Less than a third, just 13,266, received a kidney.
This reminded me of organ tourism, where people are heading to China to receive organs from criminals. Ugh... That was a really horrifying story.

#3 Rest!
Micheal, you too prefer not to take a rest? Anderson said that Micheal had literally just got back. A minute later, while they were talking, I could hear that phrase again. Was that only my problem? Or emphasizing when Micheal got back?

#4 Silence!

This is a cute and wise way to show how you are feeling about this "news."

#5 Cute Anderson on podcast!
Unfortunately, they cut out the moment Anderson was whistling. I really wanted that! So what should I do? Alright! I'll upload the moment on YouTube!

#6 Bongo Drum!
Anderson had already seen Bush dancing and playing bongo drums. He might have wanted to join them? I did it again!

#7 Tom Foreman!
Tom is my 101st favorite CNN reporter.
Anderson Cooper fills the list of my top 100 favorite anchor & reporter!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finally I Could Watch

I've always envy those who can watch Anderson on another TV channel. Fortunately CNN has been really kind to international viewers and they let us see most of the assignments Anderson has done for other programs.

I dozed off while I was watching an exciting talk with Mr. Canada. In a few hours, "Wednesday" show will start and I could finally finish watching the first hour of Tuesday AC360. At first, I liked Russel Simmons' idea of avoiding bad words. However as their talk went on, I could not understand what he says. He apparently frustrated Anderson, who has seen real battlefields by himself.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Larry King Live

I just found that Anderson is going to host Larry King Live, which was postponed due to the VT massacre, on May 3rd! I was disappointed when they decided not to celebrate Larry King on that week, but they will next week!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Anderson is finally back! He must have been exhausted what with a long trip and a coverage of the massacre. Only Larry King can make him smile a big smile! And this is SOOO sweet!

I think they showed the killer's picture too many times. But they are not blaming only him but they finally started to lend sympathetic ears. It is too late but this attitude may relieve his family of extreme pain. The school even added a stone for him. How sweet of them! One of the notes says,"I feel bad in knowing that you did not get help that you so desperately needed," which moved me. His problem was also the problem of all the people surrounding him.

Also check out AnderCandor.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Trip to NYC!

I went to NYC at the end of March and at the beginning of April. I was hoping to run into Anderson but unfortunately, I couldn't. Now I have a reason to go back to NYC again soon! If you go there for the book signing next month, you've got 100% of seeing him? But sadly, I cannot. I have work.

Time Warner Center

I was inside this building almost every day! I often hear a story of people seeing Anderson in Whole Foods Market or Inside CNN. There aren't many people in the CNN store, but WFM is always crowded! (I went there 5 times in different time slot.) Sometimes, the line for casher is really long and it reached over the entrance! When I see a long line, I can easily decide there's no chance of seeing Anderson.

I got these stuff;

It is not allowed to take picture here, but I did! I intentilnally make this picture extra-small. I was on my way home from yoga class and I do not wear any make-up and looks really terrible. You can experience news reading and have it recorded on DVD. I forgot how much it costs, but it sounds fun! I might have done that if I had been wearing make-up and nice clothes.

I was staying at an apartment located only 10 block away from CNN studio. However, they didn't have cable and I couldn't watch CNN! I stayed at another apartment and the same there. I was really Anderfrustrated during my stay in NY but later I found that Anderson was off for a week, which made me somewhat relieved.(Below is the picture from the balcony. TWC is so close!)

Also check out AnderCandor.


I changed the title and the content a little bit after I read and replyied to Pebbles' comment. Click the title and read our comments. I should have mentioned them in this article.
Beautiful blossoms, beautiful lights, beautiful night and really beautiful anchor.

I've read and heard too much reports on Cho. I know a lot of details are coming to light and I understand they have a lot to tell about. But there's a downside. There may be some idiots who want to follow suit. Rather, I am just fed up with the images of Cho and I believe victims or anyone involved will never want to see him any more.

Did you see the podcast CNN All access; Virginia Tech? Everyone has been really devoted to this story. I appreciate that but at the same time, I hope they will not go too far.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

VT Massacre

I was already fed up with this news. Every news program seems the same and I'm starting to feel sick of hearing it. But something is different in AC360. Anderson is reporting! I think I will be able to watch this program intensively.

I sound like a complete idiot, but I got really excited to see Anderson. He always looks deadly sexy in tragedy and he was today.

I was out during the show and I just came back and watched only for 15 minutes. I have to go out again but I just couldn't help capturing how sharp he looked! I might write more about today's show later.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Rampage

I felst sick to see the video a viwer sent to CNN. We will see heated debate on gun reguration for a few days.
I guess AC360 will spare most of the time on this shooting. Too bad such a terrible incident occured when Anderson is far away to Afghanistan. He blogged about why he went to Afghanistan and I was moved and I appreciate his going to that forgotten country. It would be really disappointing if we would not hear a story of Afghanistan longer than we should, like the coverage from NOLA last week.(Is my English OK? Do you understand what I want to say??)

Podcast for Thursday show

I wrote that I was quite satisfied with the live from NOLA last Thursday, but let me complain about podcast.

They'd already covered too much on Imus. Anderson was in New Orleans and still they chose to that topic? That's the topic that many American people might want to hear, but for loyal viewers of AC360, we needed stories about what is happening in NOLA;

like the situation there,

or talk with our favorite guy.

Since they launched this new podcasting service, I look forward to downloading the newest one as soon as possible, but somehow I got Thusday's one just now. I was too busy. I saw a bag under my eye, I guess for the first time in my life, which somehow makes me happy. You know, Anderson often has ones and I felt like I was sharing the same thing. Really silly idea. Now I had enough sleep and it has gone.

However, I never want to see gray hairs in mine.

Friday, April 13, 2007

On his way to Afghanistan!?

Monday's show

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai
We're in Afghanistan as a new Taliban offensive brings more suicide bombings and more American casualties. Can the Afghan government survive?

When I wrote about his going to NOLA on the weekend yesterday (or this morning?), I was afraid he might be absent for tonight's show. I should have added that assumption.

Deeply Concerned

Last time Anderson was live from NOLA, I wrote that I felt sorry for Anderson and that he had gone to New Orleans just to cover stories of Anna Nicole Miller. This time, he went all the way to NOLA and he had to spare quite a long time on Imus. I don't think this is what Anderson wants to do. Or does he?

However, I'm not criticizing producers' decision. Tonight show was brilliant. They covered a wide variety of issues and as for Imus, I guess they brought something new.

Beautiful Black Person
I could see how angry and frustrated Amy was when they were talking about those music videos. I remember Paula Zahn covered a lot of stories about rap music about a month ago. I do not really know this is a right thing to say, but let me say this. There's a fact that once African American people were discriminated and those days, those people were considered to be inferior and unsuccessful. Now, only a few people judge by the color of their skins but the content of their characters. They are smart, competent, cool, beautiful... and I would give you all the nice words for you. But dancers in Rap music videos have gone too far. They are trying to look too beautiful and too sexy, which sometimes offends sophisticated people like Amy. She is one of the most beautiful persons I've ever seen. The more I see her, the more attracted I get. Why don't they let the world show how beautiful Black persons are not by rap music videos but by Amy-like persons?

New Orleans
I see Anderson's facial expression change when he report the situations there. He seems deeply concerned about it and whenever he meets people living there, he looks really caring and encouraging them. How sweet of him!

He had another talk with that 83-year-old cute guy and whenever I see them talk, I had a warm-hearted feelings. Actually that reminds me of a Japanese journalist who used to pay a visit to an earthquake survivor on New Year's Eve for about 10 years. The survivor was a very old lady, lived in a makeshift house with an old dog. At the end, her physical condition became really bad and he stopped visiting her at certain point and I don't know what happened to her after that.

Anyway, I'm really glad people are successfully rebuilding their own house.

Speaking of building a house, I went to my friend's house in New Hampshire last week. And he built his house by himself!! How incredible! That was really a nice house. And .... He was killed!? Oops! That pastor in the news and the friend share exactly the same name! How surprising!

------This is the end of the article.----------

What happened to Sheryl Crow!? I like her a lot! I have even been to her live concert!
Wasn't she supposed to be talking about global warming? Maybe her segment was cut out due to Imus breaking news. I hope to see her tomorrow. Maybe they wrote something about Friday's show. I went to AC360 web page but ... there I saw another woman. Where's Sheryl gone!?

I'm not trying to be inquisitive but...

I've noticed something.

Anderson goes away from NY and goes to NOLA or to the west on the 2nd weekend of a month. Coincidence?

January: NOLA
February: NOLA then LA
March: LA
April: NOLA

The chances for tomorrow show are...
1. Anderson from NOLA
2. Anderson from LA

Let's see if I am right.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Need a Change!

I'm starting to feel pretty fed up with all debates on Imus and former lacrosse players. I might be too objective but from an English learner's point of view, the debate is really well organized and, in a way, I enjoyed their speeches. Anyway, I'm not talking about these issues. If I were too keen on them, I might have wanted to call CNN and try to talk to Anderson!

I enjoyed Sanjay's report. When I was in the States last week, I saw his book sold in many bookstores, and I nearly got one, but I didn't. Now I saw a part of his study, and I will probably watch his programs on weekends, I think I should have got one there.

I think changing your daily activity can be a rest. When I was staying with my friends in New Hampshire last week, I literally did nothing special. I did not have TV nor PC so I had no Anderson. I spent my time reading in front of the fireplace. And when it gets dark, I fall asleep and it is about 8:00pm. There's no light outside so it was really calm. And I woke up before 5:00am.

This is a drastic change! I usually go to bed about 3:00am or 4:00am and wake up at 9:00am! At first I was afraid that the lifestyle there would be really boring. But I felt so relaxed there and after that, I got even more energetic. Hope these two workaholics take the sabbath off. Or going outside the studio is a change of activity for Anderson? No wonder he always looks brilliant when he wears suit and tie for the first time after casual look.

Speaking of going outside, Anderson is live from NOLA again tomorrow. That's a change of the program. These days, all the topics I see on CNN, not only AC360, are the same. And we really need that!


Why don't you change your suit & tie?

Anderson looks so cool after a week long vacation!

This purple tie really suits him!

The same jacket? Or the very similar jacket? The same tie as he wore the day before yesterday?

Am I being mean to Anderson? But I really love to see Anderson wear same things again and again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How Come You Don't Call Me!?

This is not about Alicia Key's song, but "How Come You Don't Call Me!?" I shouted like Alicia in front of my PC screen. I'll tell you why.

Yesterday, just after 360 finished I turned on Japanese news channel. I was not at all interested but TV was just on and not watching it at all. When I happened to cast an eye on the screen, I saw this CM! This is Anderson's favorite! I have to let him know!! I sent the link via iReport.

Anderson said that was from a viewer. A viewer means me! How come you don't call me!?

However I found out at least two of my friends in Japan sent it to CNN. Then why he said "a viwer?" Maybe he tries to make us happy.

I didn't know I was such an Andereligious person!

I am finally back! I'll write about my trip to NY later!
As I wrote before, my last two weeks is totally Anderson-free. I was pretty frustrated but at last, I got used to a live without TV. In a way, it may be good to lead a life without PC or TV.

However, when I turned on TV for AC360 for the first time in a long period, I literally collapsed! How can I express this emotion??
It's like...
1. a Christian Dior face lotion soaking through extremely dried skin after 12 hours of flight,
2. getting liquid after months of wandering in the middle of desert,
3. a religious person paying a visit to Mecca,

Anyway, I was totally on cloud nine.

I love this experiment of this highly profiled violinist playing violin in a subway entrance. As I have just been to the States and saw a lot of street musicians, I know how hard it is for people (or just me?) try not to pay attention to them. I've been studying music for a long time and I think I know who is talented and who is not. But under this circumstance like this, I would never be able to know how brilliant he plays music.

Anchoring in a subway station!? Hmm, it is too dangerous for you, Anderson.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Finally they started Anderson Cooper 360 Daily!
At the beginning of the podcast, he looks pretty embarrassed and we can see a slight smile on his face but at the same time he tries to look serious as usual and I found that really cute!
Now I've got a problem. With my ipod nano, I cannot watch movies. Thanks to this service, I have to think about getting a brand-new ipod with which I can always watch Anderson Cooper.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Anderfrustrating Days

Since I came to the States, my life is totally Anderson-free. I almost forget that I am addicted to Anderson or even forget who he is!

I was in NY last week and I could not watch CNN even though my apartment is only a mile away from Columbus Circle.

I went to Boston to see one of my Andercrazy friends. But I stayed there on Saturday and Sunday, so no AC360.

Now I am staying with my friend in New Hampshire, and she does not have a TV! Thank God Anderson is taking holiday and JR is hosting the show.

I had a plan to visit Washington DV but the plan was called off and will go back to NY again tomorrow. Hope I can bump into Anderson this time. Or at least, I hope to see Anderson on TV.