Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Working, Working, WORKING!

It's 4:00am here and I'm still working! While I'm working, AC360 is on and I get more and more excited and cannot become sleepy at all! I'll be at my school at about 8:00 am. Isn't that only 4 hours later?? Then I'll be back at 10:30pm tomorrow night. That's insane!!

Anyway, I cannot concentrate on the content of Monday show. I'll have to watch it again and again.

Jeff: Do I look like Anderson Cooper?


Delie said...

Mio, please, you should find some hours in your Anderschedule to take a rest!

Anonymous said...

Yes Mio, get some sleep your body needs it. I'm so happy today I got AC 360 for 2 hours. 2 full hours of LIVE Anderson I didn't miss anything. Actually, they started showing 2 hours of AC 360 yesterday, with the Thomas Roberts piece. I figured maybe because of the special they showed the repeat, but lo and behold they showed us again a 2 hour AC 360 today and I loved it. I wonder how long this will last. Oh did any one of you catch Anderson snapping his fingers to someone at the side (off camera range) when they lost Randi Kaye's satellite feed? It's a good thing Anderson is used to that kind of situation he was able to recap Randi's story of the boy scout and segued to a commercial. And did you also notice that he's been eating in between takes. I noticed him when the shot went back to him. Before he started talking he sort of had his tongue inside his cheek LOL! And he was in our favorite tee. I was hoping they'd show his whole body, and they did, for a while. He LOOKED GOOD! Good show!


Jan said...

Hey Mio hope you are okay since you haven't blogged today. Or did you pass out from great looking Anderson in tight tee shirt last night? LOL

mio_bella said...

Thank you for caring me, all.

I came back home after 14 hours of work and was barely able to watch the first hour of Tuesday show. This was my first time I stayed calm during the show.

I had 8-hour sleep today and just wake up. (Yesterday, I had only 1.5 hours!!) AC360 is starting soon but I have an appointment and am leaving home soon. I'll blog about tonight show 14 hours later!

Enjoy "Cambodia"!