Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Dismembered wife
This sounds really heinous. But here in Japan, we had a similar incident recently. There lived a wealthy couple without kids. It was a husband who was dismembered by a wife. She is a young and beautiful lady, which made the news even more shocking.

Anderson was really cute when asking us to help them show us the shot. This is really hard to say!

You help us...? You give us... ?

What did I say?


Somewhat embarrassed.


Addy said...

Too cute...But he needs a vacation...:o)

Jan said...

Mio--he was so good last night. A full two hours and I hope we get him tonight.

Addy--I have a feeling he is getting ready for a vacation. He hasn't had a full week off since last fall and he even worked a lot over the Christmas Holidays and worked New Years night, which really was a pleasant suprise.

Unfortunatly, he says he doesn't like vacations, so if he takes some time off, I am sure he will be working on a 60 minutes piece, but at least maybe he can get to bed at a reasonable hour. Okay I will quite mothering him.

Mio--I thought it was also to cute when he flubbed "the shot" explanation. We haven't had funny in awhile from him. He even joked a little bit with Kiran.

Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

I cannot thank you enough for posting this adorable video and the pictures to boot! You do such an amazing job!

Oh, the Anderstumbles are the most wonderful thing ever! He is so cute and so human. *sigh* And plus, he is wearing my favorite suit and tie combo *thud*

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your comment. I've always been worried how hardworking AC has been. I was just about to say exactly the same thing as Jan wrote.

He looked super last night! I really liked the SHOT! And I believe Anderson loved that, too!

Anderson said,"See you tomorrow night," so we can expect to see him! But didn't Kiran say,"I'll be back tomorrow"? I'm not so sure. But I never want her to cohost the show when Anderson is there!!

I finally found out how to attach YouTube movie to this blog. I wonder why I have not done this very simple thing!

mio_bella said...


I'm happy you like these Anderstumbles!! I found them cute, which means they made every Andercrazy girls even crazier!

Anonymous said...

When he started fumbling his words after "The Shot" I started to think he's really tired now. I wish him to be well, and as we all say he needs a vacation, but knowing Anderson, he'll still be working. I started laughing when it took him several tries to say what he wanted to say oh, but he's so cute and funny. Oh Mio, as always - thanks for the video post - i don't know what we'd do without you.


AndysGirl said...

Please stop sending him on vacation! He might really go.

I love the Anderstumbles too. I think he does them on purpose cause we like it and a little lighthearted funny stuff is a pleasant break from all the serious and heartbreaking news.

Great caps Mio. Thank you

Delie said...

Thanks for the video and the series of the caps! So cute! I liked the Anderstumbles too.

Anderson on vacation? Yes, he needs and deserves it...

mio_bella said...

Anderstumbles! I've changed the title for this article! Thank you everyone!

Delie, we have been hoping Anderson to take some vacation for a long time, haven't we?