Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sins of the Father

Anderson's back in NY studio! He looks really handsome with the distinctive wrinkle between brows. He had a serious look all through the show, but I didn't miss the only Andersmile!

I have never seen any program that Thomas anchors, but I found him quite attractive. Too bad, I don't have any room for another guy but Anderson.
Anyway, I felt really sick in stomack to hear Thomas talk about his experience. I did not expect that detailed story. It must be a tough choice for Thomas to reveal what a painful experience he had gone through. I was shocked to hear that he even tried to kill himself. We just recently watched report on predatory pedophiles. What can we do to protect children? Generally, priests are believed to be somebody who should be looked up to, and even those people abuse children.

I noticed very slight hint on Anderson's face that he had shed tears.


Jan said...

Mio-thanks for pointing out the tears. I didn't notice it. I am sure it was an emotional piece for Anderson to do. I guess Thomas is going to be on live tonight with Anderson to answer some more questions. It was on his blog today.

I got to watch the Regis and Kelly show, I had to tape it as I worked. He really did a good job. I love seeing him laughing and smiling. He was having a really good time. Wish I had equipment to screen cap, I would send you some.

mio_bella said...

I was too mnuch concentrated on how beautiful Anderson looked yesterday, or everyday! While I was trying to captur the best moment, I happened to see a slight line on his cheek.

I envy you! I cannot watch the Regis & Kelly show!

Tuesday AC360 is on now, and I cannot concentrate on the show as I have been preparing for work. I'm leaving home soon and as usual, my commentary will appear 14 hours later!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! FYI they posted some highlights of Anderson and screencaps of R&K in the ATA blog, so I suggest you go over there and check it out. Also, go over the comment section because some who watched contributed some funny highlights from Anderson's appearance in R&K. Oh, I wish someone would upload it on YouTube. I love the screencap showing him holding Kelly's hand. I wish I was Kelly, he's such a gentleman Sigh!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mio! Thank you for the beautiful screen caps!