Thursday, March 15, 2007

Serious Anderson & Funny Andy

360°Raw Politics

Clinton ... 60%(Mind Made Up) / 325 (Could Change Mind)
Obama ... 39%(Mind Made Up) / 67% (Could Change Mind)

I often say I like Obama. That's because he is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to American politics. But will that "fresh air" still be "fresh" next year? Judging from this statistics, many of Obama supporters might feel the same way. Well, I do not have a say.

In the US, not only toddlers but centenarians are also attacked! I was surprised at the image of a young man attacking 101-year-old woman only to get a couple of dollars from her. But they are trying to protect themselves learning martial arts. Those super-elderly women looked so cute!

Regis & Kelly
Hooray! We cannot watch the whole show, but it's nice to see some segments from Anderson's point of view!

I'm kind of bored about myself, and I'm really reluctant to show you. But many of you might wanna see this.

I'd rather not watch it. So embarrassing...

He quickly casted his eyes aside before video started.

Annoying laugh x4 and more!

My laugh is not pretty.

Your laugh is cute and your smile is worth a billion bucks!

People in the States can enjoy Anderson even on Sunday! I envy you all. (CBS)


Delie said...

I haven't watched all the show yet. But I saw the Shot and read the transcript. Old women learning martial arts? Oh I want to see that. Never too late to learn something.
Great screen caps, Mio...and funny captions! And, yes, his laugh is PRETTY!

Jan said...

Mio-loved the picture with one eye closed and his face screwed up. Don't remember seeing that. Will have to go back and watch last nights show again, just to see that. I loved him this week on R&K. I bet he will be on again before the 5 weeks are up. (before Regis is to come back)

mio_bella said...

I was really sleepy when I was blogging, and was pretty messy. I just corrected the layout and all the typo.

Actually, I haven't watched the second hour, and Thursday show is starting soon! Maybe, I'll watch it on Anderless weekend.

Yeah, we all LOVE his laugh and everything!

After that facial expression, he quickly avoid watching the vireo, which I found really cute!

Jan said...

I went back and watched it and you are correct. You are so observant and I really appreciate that. I usually tape the night before to watch again later, so when you bring something to my attention, I go back and watch it and say, yeah Mio was right. Sometimes the 11-12 hour I find myself having to fight to stay awake as I get up at 5:30 every morning to go to work, so I am usually pretty tired by 11 oclock hour.

Can't wait to see 60 minutes piece on Sunday. Boy with that and his shows and R & K I am definatly getting my Anderfix this week. Not complaining though.

Do you guys get 60 minutes show?

mio_bella said...

It's good you can watch funny Anderson again and again! I'm pretty observant or rather, obsessed!

I cannot watch 60 minutes. I have to turn to CBS news website.

Anonymous said...

IT's really sad we don't get 60 minutes but I'm sure someone will upload it on Youtube like what they did with the Chesney piece. I was just over at the ATA blog, they posted pictures of Anderson outside the R&K studio. He looks so cute with his shoulder pack. Looks like he brings his laptop everywhere he goes. The close up pictures are great you can see his beautiful blue eyes. Oh and also I read in freakspeakers that Anderson will be leaving for Asia this Friday or Saturday don't know if this is accurate but if we don't see him tomorrow then it's probably true. I Wonder where he'll be off to. Hope he has a safe trip.


Delie said...

The AC 360 blog has been updated by Charlie Moore. They go to Thailand! Very exciting!!!
Mio, Pebbles: Anderson is going to be in the same time zone than yours. Or almost!

mio_bella said...

I've read that blog! We'll be able to see super sexy Anderson next week! Yay!

I'm still watching Thursday AC360 while I'm writing this... My commentary will appear soon, tomorrow or skip?

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that Anderson will be in the same time zone as ours Mio (or almost), as delie says. I guess you've heard of the saying "So near, yet so far". Sigh! I just hope Jeff doesn't trick Anderson again, it's a good thing he wasn't infected when Jeff pricked his finger. Look what happened to Neil (their photographer). Oh, but I guess Anderson will be a lot smarter now not to trust Jeff ever again.


Jan said...

Just thought I would let you know Anderson has posted on his own blog. It is really good

mio_bella said...

Hi, Jan

Thanks for your information! But I had already posted a comment. I'm not so sure whether my comment will appear or not. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

You said you went back to check this segment and I think others, including me, want to do that. So I posted YouTube video just now. I hope you enjoyed it!

(Am I violating copyright law? I do care but somehow I did. I have a kind of mixed feeling...)