Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Regis & Kelly!

AC360 is going to show us a part of R&K! As an international viewer, I do not have access to R&K or 60 minutes. I always send email to CNN thanking for letting us watch Anderson's work outside. Why don't you guys follow suit? They'll keep on show us every time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! I was excited when they showed clips of his R&K stint. As usual, he made fun of himself again (and his laugh/chortle like chicken) - he's so funny! I'm glad they thought of Anderson to fill in for Regis first. I like seeing Anderson in other shows other than AC 360 because you get to see more of the snarky and funny Anderson. And I like that side of him. Other than being good looking, what attracted me is him being smart and witty.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mio! I just want to let you know that Freakspeakers just uploaded the R&K March 14 episode of Anderson. I know you'll be interested in watching it. You can also see it on their blog.


Delie said...

The clip of R&K in AC360 made my day! That and all the andersmiles we got during the Shot with Erica.

Thanks Pebbles for the tip on the Freakspeakers blog. I'll watch it during my lunch break. Can't wait... 1 hour more!

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your information! There are as many as seven clips! I haven't watched all of them, due to technical problem(?) but I will!

I think Anderson & Erica have finally started to gear up for good, old, relaxed and funny 360 Bulletin, after a long Ericaless period.