Saturday, March 24, 2007

Planet in Peril

I'm trying to catch up with AC360 Planet in Peril, but it is almost impossible. Today, it was my turn to blog for AnderCandor. I like my post there, but I'm not copying the article here this time. Just check here!


Jan said...

Mio- I read your post on AnderCandor, and it was very good. I like the way you reviewed the whole week.

I wonder what assingment Anderson is on. I thought maybe he was headed for Iraq, but since you say he has a speaking engagement in NY this week, I guess we can breath a sigh of relieve about that.

Are you going to the States for business or vacation? Hope you have a great and safe trip. Thanks for sending us to the AnderCander blog. I might have to start reading it and maybe post some there.

Wish me luck, I am about to try to install high speed. Will be so nice after having dial up for so long. I am just not real mechanical inclined and hope that I can do it

Delie said...

Anderson on a new assignment? That sounds strange...

Have a nice trip to NYC! Enjoy each minute. We will wait for your reports!

mio_bella said...

I thought I hadn't uploaded this article. I was on my way to posting this YouTube video! Now you've watched it and did you enjoy it? I love this moment the best!

I'm going to NYC just for a vacation. I've been working too hard these days. I only have only one day off in a month! That's crazy. Now, I can take two-week vacation and will have an exciting trip!

I will write about NYC on this blog. You are pretty much determined to go there in May and I hope my report will excite you even more!

mio_bella said...

He must be in Hanoi!
Following is his quate from 360BLOG.

I went to school in Vietnam in the early 1990s but I've only been back to the region once since then. I went for the elections in Cambodia, and I'm looking forward to returning to see how the region has changed.

See? He must be back to Vietnam!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mio! Thanks for putting up this clip Anderson's so cute here. It was as if the elephant didn't want him to talk LOL! Oh and have a safe trip Mio! I hope you get lucky and see Anderson (if he's already back at the Time Warner Bldg.) try not to faint in front of him, if ever, because we want to know the details. Haha!