Friday, March 23, 2007

Planet in Peril 2 -Bangkok-

I might have posted comment for Thusday show. I watched a bit of AC360, that cutest moment with elephants! I heard everybody cry and saw you all faint in front of TV screen! I'll blog about it later.

On the day this show was broadcasted, I was a complete wreck after 1.5-hour sleep and 14-hour work. That was my first time I stayed really calm while watching Anderson even though he looked supersexy wearing that black Tshirt. Now I watch again, and I couldn't stay calm! Andercrazy Mio has finally come back!

Animal Black Market
It's shocking to hear that people can make more money by trading illegal animals than gold or drugs. Animals do have life and the idea of seeing animals as something that bring you big money was really disgusting.

When John Roberts was interviewing, we can see a tiny movie clip on the bottom saying,"Anderson is in Thailand. Don't switch." They assumed we would change channel after AC is gone, which is true!


Addy said...

I am so happy that Anderson's week in SE Asia is turing out so well...I am really enjoying all of the stories that he is doing and it is wonderful to see him out in the field and interacting with the animals...:o)

Jan said...

Mio your post to Andersons blog is on there. Congradulations! I have never had the nerve to post to his blog. Figure I would go all fangirl and get off topic. HA

I read in the link below, that someone was saying that Anderson didn't say anything about tonight. Well I taped the show last night and he did say We will see you tomorrow. I don't know if that means him or maybe JR and Kiran, but they have showed a promo for tonights show and Anderson is doing the promo, so usually that means he is on. But it is Friday night, we might just get one hour, but hey 1 hour is better than none.

Hope all have a great weekend. I have to work. I haven't been putting in the hours you have Mio, but I have been working 10 hours all week and have to go back in tomorrow for awhile.

One more thing. Did anyone notice that Anderson had a button down shirt on at the beginning and then in the second hour he had tee shirt on? I started squeeling.

mio_bella said...

Is this your first time you left comment for my blog? I really appreciate your comment.
Yes, I love casual Anderson the best, but after seeing a lot of it, I miss neatly dressed Anderson. He is brilliant no matter what he wears.

I have not watched our favorite show thoroughly these days. JR said that Anderson was on assignment last night, didn't he? Is he going to appear for Monday show? I doubt it. But we're going to see Anderson interview Simon Cowell. I think we can see what he had done for CBS 60 minutes.
Also, Anderson is supposed to give lecture on 29th in a hotel in Manhaddan. I'll be there in a few days and hope I'll catch a glimpse of him!