Thursday, March 22, 2007

Planet in Peril 1 -Thailand-

I can finally start blogging again. I did watch a little bit of Wednesday and Thuesday shows, but before I blog about these ones, I want to blog about Monday's.

Oops!? What is that? It's not nice for starting our favorite 2-hour program. For me, Anderson looked really cute, though.

Anderson sorrounded by a lot of beautigul puppies. Are you starting to miss your dog?

Jeff looked like a spy with a colleague with budden-like camera. Hey, this is going to be really exciting!


Is this exciting? It's a really horrifying story.

Can people there tell right from wrong? I felt angry when they explain the price of the pelt. The price varies according as the rarity of the species? How stupid they are! They are trying to make money by killing endangered species.

I could tell Jeff was really angry and so was I. What they need is education.

I love their smile. They looks so innocent. Kids can be kids whereever they are. But the next day, I read a disgusting news. I found this article in Japanese and I'll translate it;
Kids are "used" for terrorism. The other day, American officers found a car approaching a checkpoint. The American officers ordered them to stop and found two Iraqi children along with many adults. Officers thought the car would be safe and let the car pass the checkpoint. The moment they passed, adults on board suddenly got out of the car and have the car explode. Of course, children are killed in the explosion.

Look at those cute smiles. How can Iraqi soldiers kill their angels to damage American people? War turns everybody insane.


Anonymous said...

LOL! In your video, Anderson was eating before he started the program. Cute! Today's show was great, we got to see Anderson being cuddled by an elephant, smelling his face and running his trunk through his hair. The thing that happened to Jeff with the elephant and it being unpredictable - I was sure glad Anderson wasn't strangled. But still, don't you guys wish you were the elephant? Looks like Anderson enjoyed it all. Oh, and as a bonus we got to see a wet Anderson in his tshirt! I'm glad that Jeff's arm is OK. I didn't get to see Anderson signing off but I read he didn't say see you tomorrow. Do you think he'll be on tomorrow or will they be leaving for another destination? Hope he gets some rest on the weekend.


Delie said...

Thanks for the little clip from Monday's. I haven't seen it.

Yesterday's show was so good! I missed the first 18 minutes (Breaking news on CNN International) but all that was quickly forgotten: Anderson appears, wearing the blue shirt!
I'm very interesting in all stories about Somaly Mam's shelter in Cambodia. I'd like to see more pieces about what she does there for all the girls.
Waiting for another great program tonight!

mio_bella said...

Thank you so much for your comments. These days I can barely maintain my blog. I know my comments appear so late that they are no longer interesting to read. I appreciate your comments even more.