Thursday, March 01, 2007


Jesus! Were they listening to what we have been talking about? We were complaining about 360 airing "Afghanistan: Unfinished War" again and again? Anderson emphasized that the war is forgotten. I understand how frustrated he becomes when a big incident is forgotten quickly.

Jesus! Are they really the Christs' tombs? I'm very skeptical. If it is a fiction story like DaVinci Code, I would be very much interested to see it. (DIscovery Channel)


Jan said...

Did anyone else think Anderson was off his game last night? He just didn't seem like himself and he didn't smile a whole lot.
He also didn't say he would see me, I mean us tonight. Maybe it is that time of year. I am having issues of being down this week and really don't know why. Guess I am tired of the cold, snow and ice.

Hope he is on tonight. I know 1 hour is Tom Forman. It is posted on Anderson's blog that at 11:00 will be the Tom Forman special.

Well at least tomorrow is the end of the week for us here in the United States. I guess it is already your Friday Mio.

mio_bella said...

I didn't take notice that he did not say, "I'll see you tomorrow ngiht." I become really happy when I hear that. How come I did not notice it!? Does he always say so?

Speaking of greeting, he used to start the show saying, "Want to welcome our viewers here in America and watching around the world right now on CNN International." I am an international viewer. I was happy when he started the show like this. It sounds like that he is thinking about us as well. But at a certain point, he stopped saying this...

Jan said...

He doesn't always say it, but most of the time he does. It is in the second hour and don't you just get the first hour? I also have noticed that he hadn't been saying welcome to his International viewers. That has to be a bummer for you. I am sure when he does it does make you feel special.

This girl at work thinks that I am crazy when I talk about Anderson and so I had started telling her when he would say he would see me tomorrow night. Just my little fantasy HA. But he does say that he will see us tomorrow night quite often.

Delie said...

Poor Anderson! He looked so tired yesterday.
@ Jan: CNN Japan is very closed of CNN US. They have a whole AC 360 and some reruns. It's very different for the other asiatic countries and for Europe: just one hour and no rerun. Just before AC 360, I get the Headlines and news from Hong-Kong and just after the firs hour, I get the news from CNN London... I guess Peebles has the same schedule!

Mio, thanks for the Parisian touch on your blog. This sparkling Eiffel tower is nice! I feel like home on your site. It's exciting to see how many visitors you get. So many countries!

mio_bella said...

@ Jan

We are lucky. Japanese AC360 can enjoy the whole show plus one hour replay... Delie already answered to Jan!

@ Delie

You are right. He did not even show us a slight smile. He looks really tired and so am I. I fell asleep while I was watching AC360.
Tom Foreman's report is on now, but I think I could just skip blogging about the 2nd hour. Also the first hour... For now...

Jan said...

Delia--I am sorry that you don't get the whole 2 hours. Course the way he has been having so many reruns and specals you really are not missing much. Do you live in Paris? I think that would be a lovely city to see.

What country is Peeples from? I really love corresponding with all of you. After a rough day at work, it is nice to read everyones comments.

Lets hope something puts a smile on Andersons face tonight. He has really been grumpy the last couple of night. Maybe he won't be on tonight and will take a nice long weekend. Also I kee waiting for a vacation from him. He hasn't had a whole week off since last fall. I really was suprised when he came back and worked the Thursday and Friday after being in Brazil. I think he is starting to have to much on his plate and I really worry about him.

mio_bella said...


I agree with you. He should take some rest! He deserves to a whole week vacation! Or was it a "vacation" for him to explore Amazon? Even though he has some take off, he would do something active or travel.

So far, Delie, Pebbles and I are not from America. Seeing the counter, there are people from various countries. I'd really love many people to pitch in!

Jan, you are from the U.S., right? Where in the states do you live?


I changed the counter so that you would be glad. This sparkling tower is really beautiful! But sadly, "NeoCounter," from which I download this, offers free trial of full service up until March 9, and I'm not thinking of paying for full servies but using free one. I'm not sure what this counter will be like, but at least, we won't be able to see such a beautiful Eiffel tower.

Enjoy this counter for another week!

Jan said...

Mio--I live in the state of Indiana