Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dream Cure

Gambian president can cure AIDS patients of this diseases, but only on Monday, Thursday. The president uses herbal medication, and a health minister with medical license also supports his procedure. This is really a bizzare story.

Anderson blogged about this;
Jeff Koinange has a fascinating profile about the very strange President of Gambia. This guy has no formal medical training, but he claims he can cure people of AIDS. Actually he claims he can only do it on certain days of the week. He says the treatment came to him in a dream.

I read somewhere that he gets his ties at Ralph Lauren. When I was hanging around in a department store, I happened to see very similar tie there. Do you think this is the same one? (Ralph Lauren tie)


Jan said...

Mio--Great fine. I think you are correct about this being the same tie. Did you see the cost? $95.00 for a tie. I guess when you buy Ralph Lauren you really buy his name brand.

I wonder what has gotten into Anderson with all the new clothes. Not that I am complaining, but it seems since his raise he has been buying new suits, ties and shirts. Maybe he finally can afford them. HA Or maybe in his contract they told him he had to expand his wardrobe.

Have a good day.

mio_bella said...

We all get excited when we see Anderson in his new suit, shirt, tie. But I do not think he is really concerned about what he wears, which makes him even more attractive. I even love that notorious Abercrombie shirt that he's been wearing wherever he goes. Anderson himself is so attractive that his wardrobe does not matter at all!