Wednesday, March 14, 2007


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I had quite a busy day. I came home late at night, had supper, take a bath and now 1:30! I don't know if I can finish watching Tuesday AC360 tonight.

10:00pm - bye-bye
I don't know who David Spade is, but did Anderson try to sound like him?

10:09pm - gay soldier
Here in Japan, I don't think sexual orientation is not taken so seriously. Partly because it is still something hidden inside onself. I was pretty surprised that some countries do not allow them. In today's society, I think people are starting to enjoy equal opportunity between men and women. But is there a discrimination toward gay people? That's so unfair.

10:14pm - Obama vs Sharpton
Sharpton is jealos! No wonder. Obama is younger and sexier.

10:16pm - Who are Americans willing to vote for president?
An atheist is least likely to be trusted, which surprised me. I am finding a lot of cultural differences so far.

10:21pm - Bridges to Nowhere
We are seeing the same problem in Japan as well. Why do governments all over the world like to spend our taxes so stupidly? You might as well give those amount of money to disadvantaged countries or use to tackle global warming.

10:28pm - Sins of the Father

Ugh, that detailed description of molestation again. I happened to listen to Japanese translation for a second. When I heard that story in my own language, I felt even worse.

10:49pm - complicated tragedy
Gary is having hard time spending time with "only" one wife!

10:55pm - Erica vs Anderson

Oops! What happens to the SHOT? We cannot see the whale rescue video? Did other international viewers suffer from the same blackout?

After this screen, what we saw was YouTube suid by viacom. Really ironic.
Finally I could see smiles of both of them. But what was Erica's "Billion Dollars?"

10:57pm - Blackout again!!
CNN is not supposed to air that movie?

11:02pm - Immigration Impact
I cannot usually watch American Morning. It's nice to see Soledad. I like her a lot.

Tilting their head to the right...

Then to the left!

11:08pm - Blackout!

11:11pm - Jesus Tomb
I still think this is no more a fiction story. The tombs looks too new and beautiful/

11:19pm - BLACKOUT!
This time, it lasted more than 10 minutes! I assume Anderson was asking a lot about whale. This is a Japanese news, right? As far as I know, one of the rescuer was drowned to death. They were not professional, but just amateur.

11:35pm - Finally back to normal program!


Delie said...

Hi Mio,
Wow! Blackout for copyright restrictions? Well, it was a sad Shot of the day. Did you see that story on another Japanese TV?

mio_bella said...

Yeah, that is a quite a news in Japan yesterday and we saw the image many times on various Japanese TV channel.