Friday, March 09, 2007

AC360 Commentary 03/08/07

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10:00pm - Mobile Home
Wow! Huge numbers of mobile houses!

10:04pm - Exit Stragegy
It seems putting an end to a war is harder than setting it off. Anyway, on a silly perspective, I couldn't keep an eye off Michael ware's chest hair!

10:17pm - Beaurocratic obstacle
Touched by the remark of that former female soldier. She is still proud of how she served even though she has been suffering from all the pain, both mentally and physically.

10:34pm - Medical Miracles
Even though medicine has developed this degree, there are so many things that we can never expect. I wonder what it is like not to know what has happened for more than 5 years.

10:43pm - Bling man sees again
Ask Believe and you Receive?

11:03pm - replay of Michael Ware's story

I'm dozing off. See you next week!

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