Thursday, March 08, 2007

AC360 Commentary 03/07/07

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10:00pm - AC360 is starting!
Finally, Anderson showed us a smile when Larry tossed the program. So adorable.

10:04pm - The monsters next door
Ugh, he buried that little girl alive? This story made me so sick. She must have been really pretty with that dolphin and molested by such a "monster." Really agonizing.

10:13pm - Couey is coloring pictures in the court room. It is just too easy to say that the criminal had a mental disease and that he couldn't tell right from wrong.

10:18om - Hmm, these convicted persons can be considered both criminal and patient. Pedophile can be cured? That reminds me of the guy who recovered from homosexuality. People may be able to change their sexual preference just like we can change our eating habit. Do you agree??

10:22pm - Wow! That heavy-jowled guy again! For the first time in a few month. After this guy appeared, Anderson looked even sexier!

10:30pm - Can therapy sessions work? There's a catch. Local residents do not welcome convicted sex offenders, but they have to pay a huge amount of money to run the program. We should taackle the problem before potential sex predetors commit a crime. Sounds difficult. But our society have created those people, and now we have to solve the problem. How long have we been seen this kind of crime? We had similar crimes from old days, like 50 years or 100 years ago?

10:41pm - 360 BLOG
People do not like the idea of letting those sex predators to get on their feet. I can understand all that. They ARE animals, but whether we cure them or we feed them, that's the choice. As I said earlier,

10:47pm - green number plate for "Monsters'" car? Apparently, it will not work. From citizen's point of view, they might feel reassured, but from "monsters'" point of view, that number plate will be disturbing, and it's too easy for them to operate other cars with normal number plate.

10:43pm - 360 BULLETIN
Kiran is in the studio. I was worried last night that they might cohost the show as Kiran said she would be in the studio, and Anderson said, "See you tomorrow night." All right, I can tolerate this.

10:56pm - THE SHOT
Oh, I should invent a funny machine!

11:29pm - Miracle Baby
It's really nice to see the cute little baby. The baby's mother said, "In our culture, the first baby is our hope, our everything." Not only the first baby, but every baby. These babys will grow up and then adults. In Iraq, many people are losing lives. They seem to forget that each lives are as precious as this cute little baby. I like the idea of American doctor helping an Iraqi baby. In this grassroot level, people are helping each other. The governments are..., I'd better not say anything about American problems...

11:40pm - dead Journalists
Iraq & Russia are the deadliest countries! You said it and you still want to go back to Iraq? Stay away from it!!

12:00am - See you tomorrow, Anderson!


Delie said...

Thanks for the recap, Mio! I didn't get CNN International last night and I'm not sure to get back this program in the next nights. Very very sad! So, with your recap, the screen caps and the transcript on CNN web site, I can have an "idea" of how was the last AC 360! And thanks to CNN Pipeline I can watch some stories and The Shot. Oh, and I just saw Michael Ware! But no Anderson at all... That's life!

mio_bella said...

Thaank you for your comment, Delie.

What a painful day you spent without Anderson... I can understand how shocked and devastated you have been. What else on earth CNN in Europe choose instead of this brilliant show??

Pati Mc said...

Mio and Delie,

This is upsetting me so that you are not getting Anderson as you should. You girls need to start a revolt. They need to know at CNN that we fans of Anderson's mean business when it comes to our Anderson. If you need my help, just let me know.

The fans in other parts of the world are entitiled to Anderson too!

Hang in there - the rest of us are here to support you.

And Mio, this last photo is just precious. I LOVE it when Anderson makes that cute face!

Jan said...

Mio-great recap as usual. I love the last picture also. He looks like "I'm up to something" ha

Delie isn't there any one at your cabel company to voice your upset over not getting 360 every night? I know how I feel when Anderson isn't on his own show, I can't imagine not getting to see him hardly at all.

mio_bella said...

@pati & jan

I appreciate your comments :)

He showed his cute face at the very end of the show, and I almost fainted. I thought everybody loved it and I was right!