Saturday, March 03, 2007

AC360 Commentary 03/02/07

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9:45pm - Introduction to AC360
He had his hair cut! So sleek! And his ties is just as shiny as himself.
Anderson almost always shows us a huge smile with Larry King! Too bad I missed that cutest moment for this article.

10:01pm - Army Chief Resigns

10:04pm - Fatal Bus Crash
This is really a heart breaking news. It claimed the lives of a lot of young college students full of bright future. Every time people hear news about traffic accidents, we start to brace yourself up not to cause an accident. But sometimes, it won't last. We should always keep in mind that a car is equal to 2t rocket.

10:15pm - Tornade Terror
Another terrifying story claiming lives of teenagers.

10:21pm - The Jesus Mystery -Inside the Tomb-Live Anderson disappeared! As I am not a Christian, watching this segment is no more a fiction story than DaVinci Code.

10:28pm - Debate between an archaeologist and the director
We saw the same debate on Wednesday, but I still think that the archaeologist is more convincing. After all, these tombs were something that laymen could find easily.

10:36pm - Who was Mary?
This segment reminded me of DaVinci Code. I read the book a few years ago and saw a movie. I liked

10:38pm - Interview with the professorHe spoke to him "Recently"? Judging from his suit, the video was recorded the day before, and the interview was done on the same day.

10:45pm - The Science of Miracles
This is an interesting perspective!

10:51pm - Seeking the Ark
I have never thought if the story of the ark might be a true story. But they might find it in the future. Like Shliemann found Trojan horse.

11:00pm - Replay of "What is Christian"

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