Friday, March 02, 2007

3rd Red&Blue tie?

Again!? Anderson's another new look! He really likes this design!

Zodiac Killer
I did not know about this serial crime until I saw it. Has statute of limitations expired? Can you arrest him if he is caught now?

I can see how horrified they were, or they still are. One insane person can make this region, or country threatened. But take a situation of countries in Middle Eastern and African countries. They are constantly threatened by that type of "insane" persons who like to damage and kill people.

It must be really painful for the survivor to talk about when and how he was attacked. I failed to catch the information but was his girlfriend killed? Also, I feel sorry for the alleged killer, who died with his innocence unproven.

When I was listening to this incident, I felt as if I were watching a movie, and they are making one. But is this a good idea? Zodiac Killer apparently likes to be paid attentioned to. How would the criminal feel about the movie? He might feel honored. And what about other potential insane killers? This movies could be a catalyst. I used to like suspense stories but now, I do not. That's why I may sound mean on this movie.

Bob Woodruff's story
What happened to this ABS anchor in Iraq could have happned to Anderson! Thank God he has been safe so far. Did his story make Anderson even more desperate to go to Iraq? He said several times that he would be going to Iraq in the next few weeks, but he did not. I'd like him to choose, say, Madagascar exploration instead of war zones.


Jan said...

What is going on with Anderson? He was only on live for 15 minutes and then went to taped shows.

I hope everything is all right with him and his family

mio_bella said...

Really? He may be taking a rest and that's good for him. As for me, I left home as soon as Anderson appeared and now I'm at office! Bad girl.