Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Leaving for NYC!

This is not about Anderson, but about me! I'm leaving here in a few hours. Sorry I did not reply to all of your comments for my previous post. I'll write about my trip to NY here when I get back! And that will be April 10 or so.

I'm not going to update this blog, but that doesn't mean I will quit this. Talk to you later!

Anderson is dozing off! And I should get what little sleep I can. It's 2:10am and I'm taking 3:50 train. I'll take a 30-minute sleep tonight! Good night!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Planet in Peril

I'm trying to catch up with AC360 Planet in Peril, but it is almost impossible. Today, it was my turn to blog for AnderCandor. I like my post there, but I'm not copying the article here this time. Just check here!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Planet in Peril 2 -Bangkok-

I might have posted comment for Thusday show. I watched a bit of AC360, that cutest moment with elephants! I heard everybody cry and saw you all faint in front of TV screen! I'll blog about it later.

On the day this show was broadcasted, I was a complete wreck after 1.5-hour sleep and 14-hour work. That was my first time I stayed really calm while watching Anderson even though he looked supersexy wearing that black Tshirt. Now I watch again, and I couldn't stay calm! Andercrazy Mio has finally come back!

Animal Black Market
It's shocking to hear that people can make more money by trading illegal animals than gold or drugs. Animals do have life and the idea of seeing animals as something that bring you big money was really disgusting.

When John Roberts was interviewing, we can see a tiny movie clip on the bottom saying,"Anderson is in Thailand. Don't switch." They assumed we would change channel after AC is gone, which is true!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Planet in Peril 1 -Thailand-

I can finally start blogging again. I did watch a little bit of Wednesday and Thuesday shows, but before I blog about these ones, I want to blog about Monday's.

Oops!? What is that? It's not nice for starting our favorite 2-hour program. For me, Anderson looked really cute, though.

Anderson sorrounded by a lot of beautigul puppies. Are you starting to miss your dog?

Jeff looked like a spy with a colleague with budden-like camera. Hey, this is going to be really exciting!


Is this exciting? It's a really horrifying story.

Can people there tell right from wrong? I felt angry when they explain the price of the pelt. The price varies according as the rarity of the species? How stupid they are! They are trying to make money by killing endangered species.

I could tell Jeff was really angry and so was I. What they need is education.

I love their smile. They looks so innocent. Kids can be kids whereever they are. But the next day, I read a disgusting news. I found this article in Japanese and I'll translate it;
Kids are "used" for terrorism. The other day, American officers found a car approaching a checkpoint. The American officers ordered them to stop and found two Iraqi children along with many adults. Officers thought the car would be safe and let the car pass the checkpoint. The moment they passed, adults on board suddenly got out of the car and have the car explode. Of course, children are killed in the explosion.

Look at those cute smiles. How can Iraqi soldiers kill their angels to damage American people? War turns everybody insane.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Working, Working, WORKING!

It's 4:00am here and I'm still working! While I'm working, AC360 is on and I get more and more excited and cannot become sleepy at all! I'll be at my school at about 8:00 am. Isn't that only 4 hours later?? Then I'll be back at 10:30pm tomorrow night. That's insane!!

Anyway, I cannot concentrate on the content of Monday show. I'll have to watch it again and again.

Jeff: Do I look like Anderson Cooper?

Monday, March 19, 2007

From Iraq

A friend of mine sent me an Anderson video link the other day. He looks really cool and I kept screaming, shouting, and crying! It is from a video on Jan.31 2005.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

60 Minutes

I just checked CBS NEWS VIDEO. You can see Anterson interview Simon Cowell.
Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
Fans Love To Hate Simon Cowell
Cowell's Big Deal
Cowell's Medieval Stoning

International Viewers

As an international viewer, what I saw might be slightly different from what most of you watch. I forgot to write about one thing.

On Friday's show, AC360 was interrupted again. This time, they did not black it out, but they replace some report from CNN international. Later I learned from Transcript that the segment we missed was about Iraq; a session with John Roberts. Did that report violate copyright law? Why did they have to replace that segment?

I see many visitors from many countries. I really want to welcome you all and I want to ask you this. Did you see John Roberts for Friday's show? Was it interrupted?

I hope to read your reply!

p.s. I often say that I'm not a native English speaker. I've never lived abroad, but in Japan all through my life. (I'm making excuses for what I've done...) I posted a comment for AC360 Blog. I saw my comment posted but I made a really silly grammatical mistake that I had never made! How embarrassing!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dream Cure

Gambian president can cure AIDS patients of this diseases, but only on Monday, Thursday. The president uses herbal medication, and a health minister with medical license also supports his procedure. This is really a bizzare story.

Anderson blogged about this;
Jeff Koinange has a fascinating profile about the very strange President of Gambia. This guy has no formal medical training, but he claims he can cure people of AIDS. Actually he claims he can only do it on certain days of the week. He says the treatment came to him in a dream.

I read somewhere that he gets his ties at Ralph Lauren. When I was hanging around in a department store, I happened to see very similar tie there. Do you think this is the same one? (Ralph Lauren tie)

Rising Crimes

Anderson wore this tie for the first time since New Year's Live! And he looks so cute in his pink shirt. Quality of my pic is not good enough... We can't see the "pink" shirt.

The richer a country become, the poorer people's heart will become. I heard Wangari Maathai say something like this. Watching this report, I was reminded of her remark.

Juvenile crimes are becoming more and more heinous here in Japan, too. More than ten years ago, a 14-year-old boy shivered the nation when he killed a little boy, cut his head and put it on the school gate. A few years ago, a 12-year-old school girl killed her classmate during lunch break at school.

Are they to blame? As I said a few months ago, children mirror our society. It is our responsibility to build a society where children feel safe to live.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Serious Anderson & Funny Andy

360°Raw Politics

Clinton ... 60%(Mind Made Up) / 325 (Could Change Mind)
Obama ... 39%(Mind Made Up) / 67% (Could Change Mind)

I often say I like Obama. That's because he is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to American politics. But will that "fresh air" still be "fresh" next year? Judging from this statistics, many of Obama supporters might feel the same way. Well, I do not have a say.

In the US, not only toddlers but centenarians are also attacked! I was surprised at the image of a young man attacking 101-year-old woman only to get a couple of dollars from her. But they are trying to protect themselves learning martial arts. Those super-elderly women looked so cute!

Regis & Kelly
Hooray! We cannot watch the whole show, but it's nice to see some segments from Anderson's point of view!

I'm kind of bored about myself, and I'm really reluctant to show you. But many of you might wanna see this.

I'd rather not watch it. So embarrassing...

He quickly casted his eyes aside before video started.

Annoying laugh x4 and more!

My laugh is not pretty.

Your laugh is cute and your smile is worth a billion bucks!

People in the States can enjoy Anderson even on Sunday! I envy you all. (CBS)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Regis & Kelly!

AC360 is going to show us a part of R&K! As an international viewer, I do not have access to R&K or 60 minutes. I always send email to CNN thanking for letting us watch Anderson's work outside. Why don't you guys follow suit? They'll keep on show us every time!


Also check out AnderCandor!

I had quite a busy day. I came home late at night, had supper, take a bath and now 1:30! I don't know if I can finish watching Tuesday AC360 tonight.

10:00pm - bye-bye
I don't know who David Spade is, but did Anderson try to sound like him?

10:09pm - gay soldier
Here in Japan, I don't think sexual orientation is not taken so seriously. Partly because it is still something hidden inside onself. I was pretty surprised that some countries do not allow them. In today's society, I think people are starting to enjoy equal opportunity between men and women. But is there a discrimination toward gay people? That's so unfair.

10:14pm - Obama vs Sharpton
Sharpton is jealos! No wonder. Obama is younger and sexier.

10:16pm - Who are Americans willing to vote for president?
An atheist is least likely to be trusted, which surprised me. I am finding a lot of cultural differences so far.

10:21pm - Bridges to Nowhere
We are seeing the same problem in Japan as well. Why do governments all over the world like to spend our taxes so stupidly? You might as well give those amount of money to disadvantaged countries or use to tackle global warming.

10:28pm - Sins of the Father

Ugh, that detailed description of molestation again. I happened to listen to Japanese translation for a second. When I heard that story in my own language, I felt even worse.

10:49pm - complicated tragedy
Gary is having hard time spending time with "only" one wife!

10:55pm - Erica vs Anderson

Oops! What happens to the SHOT? We cannot see the whale rescue video? Did other international viewers suffer from the same blackout?

After this screen, what we saw was YouTube suid by viacom. Really ironic.
Finally I could see smiles of both of them. But what was Erica's "Billion Dollars?"

10:57pm - Blackout again!!
CNN is not supposed to air that movie?

11:02pm - Immigration Impact
I cannot usually watch American Morning. It's nice to see Soledad. I like her a lot.

Tilting their head to the right...

Then to the left!

11:08pm - Blackout!

11:11pm - Jesus Tomb
I still think this is no more a fiction story. The tombs looks too new and beautiful/

11:19pm - BLACKOUT!
This time, it lasted more than 10 minutes! I assume Anderson was asking a lot about whale. This is a Japanese news, right? As far as I know, one of the rescuer was drowned to death. They were not professional, but just amateur.

11:35pm - Finally back to normal program!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sins of the Father

Anderson's back in NY studio! He looks really handsome with the distinctive wrinkle between brows. He had a serious look all through the show, but I didn't miss the only Andersmile!

I have never seen any program that Thomas anchors, but I found him quite attractive. Too bad, I don't have any room for another guy but Anderson.
Anyway, I felt really sick in stomack to hear Thomas talk about his experience. I did not expect that detailed story. It must be a tough choice for Thomas to reveal what a painful experience he had gone through. I was shocked to hear that he even tried to kill himself. We just recently watched report on predatory pedophiles. What can we do to protect children? Generally, priests are believed to be somebody who should be looked up to, and even those people abuse children.

I noticed very slight hint on Anderson's face that he had shed tears.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

An Andercrazy Night

As I often say, I am a terrible night owl. It's 1:45am here in Japan. I came home from work at 11:30pm and had a quick supper, and was relaxing. Usually, I am working when AC360 is live on TV so I record the show every day. Today, I was too tired and decided not to watch tonight. However, I really wanted to see how Anderson looked today. Finally, I played the show at a very fast speed, without any sound. Gee! Anderson looked great tonight! I couldn't help starting screen caps! I'll post some great show from Friday show! I'll "watch" the show again on Anderless weekend! Enjoy brilliant Anderson pics!

Anderson was in LA. I wonder when he made the video for the 2nd hour. He was in NY on Thursday, wasn't he? He made it on Friday afternoon?? Yikes!

As for me, it's almost 2:00am and I have to "wake up" four hours later! Ugh, now I am too excited to fall asleep!

Friday, March 09, 2007

AC360 Commentary 03/08/07

Also check out AnderCandor!

10:00pm - Mobile Home
Wow! Huge numbers of mobile houses!

10:04pm - Exit Stragegy
It seems putting an end to a war is harder than setting it off. Anyway, on a silly perspective, I couldn't keep an eye off Michael ware's chest hair!

10:17pm - Beaurocratic obstacle
Touched by the remark of that former female soldier. She is still proud of how she served even though she has been suffering from all the pain, both mentally and physically.

10:34pm - Medical Miracles
Even though medicine has developed this degree, there are so many things that we can never expect. I wonder what it is like not to know what has happened for more than 5 years.

10:43pm - Bling man sees again
Ask Believe and you Receive?

11:03pm - replay of Michael Ware's story

I'm dozing off. See you next week!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

AC360 Commentary 03/07/07

Also check out AnderCandor!

10:00pm - AC360 is starting!
Finally, Anderson showed us a smile when Larry tossed the program. So adorable.

10:04pm - The monsters next door
Ugh, he buried that little girl alive? This story made me so sick. She must have been really pretty with that dolphin and molested by such a "monster." Really agonizing.

10:13pm - Couey is coloring pictures in the court room. It is just too easy to say that the criminal had a mental disease and that he couldn't tell right from wrong.

10:18om - Hmm, these convicted persons can be considered both criminal and patient. Pedophile can be cured? That reminds me of the guy who recovered from homosexuality. People may be able to change their sexual preference just like we can change our eating habit. Do you agree??

10:22pm - Wow! That heavy-jowled guy again! For the first time in a few month. After this guy appeared, Anderson looked even sexier!

10:30pm - Can therapy sessions work? There's a catch. Local residents do not welcome convicted sex offenders, but they have to pay a huge amount of money to run the program. We should taackle the problem before potential sex predetors commit a crime. Sounds difficult. But our society have created those people, and now we have to solve the problem. How long have we been seen this kind of crime? We had similar crimes from old days, like 50 years or 100 years ago?

10:41pm - 360 BLOG
People do not like the idea of letting those sex predators to get on their feet. I can understand all that. They ARE animals, but whether we cure them or we feed them, that's the choice. As I said earlier,

10:47pm - green number plate for "Monsters'" car? Apparently, it will not work. From citizen's point of view, they might feel reassured, but from "monsters'" point of view, that number plate will be disturbing, and it's too easy for them to operate other cars with normal number plate.

10:43pm - 360 BULLETIN
Kiran is in the studio. I was worried last night that they might cohost the show as Kiran said she would be in the studio, and Anderson said, "See you tomorrow night." All right, I can tolerate this.

10:56pm - THE SHOT
Oh, I should invent a funny machine!

11:29pm - Miracle Baby
It's really nice to see the cute little baby. The baby's mother said, "In our culture, the first baby is our hope, our everything." Not only the first baby, but every baby. These babys will grow up and then adults. In Iraq, many people are losing lives. They seem to forget that each lives are as precious as this cute little baby. I like the idea of American doctor helping an Iraqi baby. In this grassroot level, people are helping each other. The governments are..., I'd better not say anything about American problems...

11:40pm - dead Journalists
Iraq & Russia are the deadliest countries! You said it and you still want to go back to Iraq? Stay away from it!!

12:00am - See you tomorrow, Anderson!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Dismembered wife
This sounds really heinous. But here in Japan, we had a similar incident recently. There lived a wealthy couple without kids. It was a husband who was dismembered by a wife. She is a young and beautiful lady, which made the news even more shocking.

Anderson was really cute when asking us to help them show us the shot. This is really hard to say!

You help us...? You give us... ?

What did I say?


Somewhat embarrassed.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Please, take a rest!

Anderson always looks brilliant. I did scream and nearly fainted at a first glance, I mean the session with Larry King 15 minutes before the show. But something's different. He never showed us his usual smile.

After Larry's enthisiastical pepping up, Anderson could barely smile this much.

Even though a country becomes wealthy enough, there are a lot of people devoid of proper education. What happens to kids who are surrounded by those uneducated adults? I'm afraid they won't be able to lead decent lives. I once heard that in Africa, children have to grown up at a blink of an eye, meaning they have no time to play, but they suffer from all the severe situations around them or they are forced to become soldiers.

That is happening in developing countries as well. Stupid adults are forcing children to follow their lifestyles. Personally, I hate to see children hanging around with their parents after midnight. I know children cannot learn to controle their emotions if they lack good night's sleep. I wonder what the society will be like if those kids grow up.

As for me, I'm a terrible night owl. I usually come home before 11:00pm, have a quick supper, take a bath, work a little bit and start watching AC360 and blog about it! It's already 3:00am! Yikes!


Monday, March 05, 2007


I know I am being mean on CNN, but are they giving us information on "Wednesday" show?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

AC360 Commentary 03/02/07

Also check out AnderCandor!

9:45pm - Introduction to AC360
He had his hair cut! So sleek! And his ties is just as shiny as himself.
Anderson almost always shows us a huge smile with Larry King! Too bad I missed that cutest moment for this article.

10:01pm - Army Chief Resigns

10:04pm - Fatal Bus Crash
This is really a heart breaking news. It claimed the lives of a lot of young college students full of bright future. Every time people hear news about traffic accidents, we start to brace yourself up not to cause an accident. But sometimes, it won't last. We should always keep in mind that a car is equal to 2t rocket.

10:15pm - Tornade Terror
Another terrifying story claiming lives of teenagers.

10:21pm - The Jesus Mystery -Inside the Tomb-Live Anderson disappeared! As I am not a Christian, watching this segment is no more a fiction story than DaVinci Code.

10:28pm - Debate between an archaeologist and the director
We saw the same debate on Wednesday, but I still think that the archaeologist is more convincing. After all, these tombs were something that laymen could find easily.

10:36pm - Who was Mary?
This segment reminded me of DaVinci Code. I read the book a few years ago and saw a movie. I liked

10:38pm - Interview with the professorHe spoke to him "Recently"? Judging from his suit, the video was recorded the day before, and the interview was done on the same day.

10:45pm - The Science of Miracles
This is an interesting perspective!

10:51pm - Seeking the Ark
I have never thought if the story of the ark might be a true story. But they might find it in the future. Like Shliemann found Trojan horse.

11:00pm - Replay of "What is Christian"