Saturday, February 03, 2007

AC360 Commentary 02/02/07

You can see the same article on AnderCandor. Please check it out!

10:00pm - Anderson is live from Florida
He was on duty pretty late at night every weekday and he was already in Florida before dusk. I thought he might be off for Friday's show, but he just couldn't take time off on an occasion like this.

He showed us one of the destructed houses. There were child doll, a family picture, and a sunglasses. Those items really connect what it is and what it used to be. There are families leading happy lives at those homes.

10:02pm - image of devastation

Anderson must be pretty used to walking in deberis, but it must be really painful to be there. Disaster and survival. This is exactly a story that he wants to report.

It's a kind of shame to admit that I was really attracted by how sexy Anderson looks without makeup and his hair set.

10:04pm - interview with storm survivor
They were lucky enough to sit up late at night. worse than hurricane no comparison
stay strong

10:08pm - Gary Tuckman reporting from helicopter and live with Anderson
While watching this, my mother asked me if there are as many Gary Tuchman fans as Anderson fans. Can you answer that question for me? Where I live, even Anderson is unknown, let alone, Gary Tuchman!

10:12 from CNN weather center

10:14pm - raw data
1,000 per year; 80 killed; 1,500 injured
Wow! There are so many tornades in the U.S.!

10:18pm - Story about Gene, an 86-year-old tornade survivor
He stayed in his home and survived! How amazing!
What would you look for if your house should be destructed like that? I have no idea. He really wanted to get his jacket that his dauaghter had gave him. He also found a stuffed doll he'd got from his grandkid. All he needed is those two things and he never dwells in the past. He's got a bright future ahead of him. What a strong man!

10:20pm - technical difficulty

Gray striped jacket, light blue shirt and a purple tie? The combo of Rick's is similar to the one Anderson often chooses. If Rick wore a plain purple tie, Anderson might have felt startled.

10:25pm - Rescue Squad
Yeah, they've got the only tool they have, manpower.

10:28pm - interview with Florida Governer
similar look!
Anderson seems really careful about his interview and at the same time he ensures that the government will compensate the damage and help people get on their feet in proper manners.

10:32pm - Phew! Anderson is finally back!

10:36pm - were they warned?
They should have a radio. As is often the case with every situation, when people notice something, it is usually too late.

10:54pm - reporter's notebook
A building is gone but church is still there. I like that word. They are to pray there tomorrow. I believe they have Savior and I hope that they will soon have normal lives there.

We see a lot of movies from the first half.

11:41pm - a nice elderly couple
What he (or she?) carried out of their house are a cell phone, diabetic medication.
Other things are not at all significant unles they do not have each other. What a heartwarming remark!

11:47pm - tornade history
I just remembered an unbelievable story. I heard Have you ever heard a news about a boy brown off by a tornade? He flew in the tornade and he fell off miles and miles away from where he was.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mio:
I was in Kyushu on vacation about 7 years ago. Quite a long time ago! Are you close to Beppu? I live in Canada now, and we also get CNN but the U.S. version. Anderson is the best when he is in the field. Have you ever watched his hurricane coverage? He was at his best when he was covering Katrina and his reporting was just amazing. He work truly captivated me..his reports were thorough, compassionate and he had this special way of telling stories that made viewers connect to the situation. I found myself turning to CNN everyday, looking for his reports. I miss that Anderson a lot. He is good in the studio but definitely, he belongs in the field. Please keep up the great work here!

mio_bella said...

This is amazing!!!

I live in Oita city and Beppu is just 10-minute ride from my house! Also my grandmoather and relatives live there, so I often go there. I once lived in Beppu!

Can you imagine? One girl in such a small town is watching CNN and maintaining this blog. Thanks to Anderson and the internet, I can make friends all over the world! How exciting!!

I am a pretty new Anderson fan. I knew that he covered Katrina before I got a crush on him. I did not have any special feeling toward him at that time, and I did not watch his report then.
After I got a crush on him, I watched so many videos via CNNpipeline or YouTube. I agree. He is more attractive in the field. He says that he likes to be outside the studio more! That's he wants to do and when he shines.

Beppu said...

Hi Mio:
I am pretty sure I also passed by where you were, as I remember the name of your town/city. Beppu was really nice. I was there around September, and I remember myself sweating a lot as it was so hot! All the hot springs were amazing. I really like your blog. I will probably come visit more often. I will just name myself Beppu!

mio_bella said...

Hi, Beppu

You named yourself Beppu! That's so funny! I'd like to hear a lot about your trip to Kyushu. I imagine you visited a lot of "hell."

Speaking of trip, I have been to Paris twice, delie! Did I tell this? I went there last March and about 10 years ago.

Delie said...

Twice in Paris? I hope you enjoyed each trip. March is a rainy and cold month here! I guess Paris is a nice city for tourism. When you live there, you forget all the beauty of this town. You don't see it anymore. Except maybe the night. Some parts of Paris are so nice and romantic. I have never been to Japan. Maybe one day... I love travelling. My last trip was Canada a few months ago and my next will be New York in May or September. I am "North-America" oriented :-)!
I'm watching more attentively the first hour of friday's show. It likes I never can get enough of Anderson on field and his blue t-shirt!

Pati Mc said...

@Mio & Delie,

It is my dream to travel more. You two have been very fortunate. =)

Delie, I cannot believe that you live in Paris! It is one of my all time favorie places. I have a photo of the Eiffel Tower on my desk at work, so that I can look at it every day. I have been to Europe, but sadly never to Paris. I WILL get there some day.

Mio, I will get to see your beautiful country someday as well. Another dream of mine. Ever since I was a small girl, I dreamt of seeing Japan someday. I have always been interested in your culture. So beautiful and spiritual.

I agree about Anderson and the t-shirts. Shows off his sexy thin build. He is just so cute! I guess none of us ever tire of looking at him. He just has that effect on people. He defines the word "charming". And that smile!

mio_bella said...

Anderson was really sexy. As for me, I stopped going to gym a few months ago. I was just too busy. I've got a step machine, dumbbells and a yoga mat here. To be honest, I do not use them so often. Seeing his firm neck and arms, I feel like I have to go back to gym as soon as possible! Or at least, I have to take exercise right now!

ME Ellee said...

Yes, girls, his arms, neck and hands are all incredible! Wooohooo!
I get all squiggley just thinking about 'um. Whoopie!!!

mio_bella said...

Hi, me ellee!

It seems every single part of his body attracts us! Which part do you find the most attractive? I like the knot between his brows. It's so sexy!