Friday, February 02, 2007

weird stories

Weird 1 Two suspects
All they talked during the press conference was about hairstyle of this guy. He wants to be looked like a guy in the 60s.

Speaking of 60s, I was shocked to hear this. You may feel offended;

I was talking about Anderson with one of my friends. I told her how much I love him, how nice he is and so many good things. You know, he is totally unknown so I had to show her his picture. On seeing his pic, she said,
"Oh my goodness! He just looks like a movie star from 60s!" That's exactly what my mother said when she saw Anderson for the first time. I don't think nobody reading this blog agrees with it.

Weird 2 ad campaign
Weird Burger King CM, PSP, Crime scene, Naked guy
Those are stupid enough to make people remember what they want to say.

Weird 3 29-year-boy enrolled as a 7th grader
He is from Greek and Greek person looks older than he actually is. Don't Greek persons feel infringed?
I laughed when the woman said, "He was a good student. He handed in his homework on time." Why nobody noticed that he was not 12 years old!?

Weird 4 Questioning Police Question
That expectant mother was constantly saying that she was bleeding and that she needed to go to a hospital. This does soudn like a very popular excuse. Finally she had a miscarriage. Police are much the same all through the world.

Weird 5 Too big baby
Was he born by Caesarean section?

Anderson is checking out his PC to see if he hasn't got another email from me!? -->

<--Jotting down information on 60s hairstyles


Delie said...

Hi Mio,

There were weird stories but it was a great show. Anderson was so cute and smiling.
About the 60's look, I guess his classy and handsome look makes him looking like a 60's movie star (ouh! too many "look" in this sentence). Something in the hair cut, the profile, the suit... But I don't think we can say that about him when he is on field. He was great yesterday in Florida with his blue t-shirt! Kawaii, kawaii Anderson!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio: You did a great job again. I think I have been to where to live a few years ago! Do a lot of people watch CNN where you are?

mio_bella said...

Thanks again for coming back to this site.
I just posted pic of Anderson in blue shirt. I was really fascinated by that report. Again Anderson-oriented!! He was really sexy that I posted different picture for this site, which means you can see another picture @AnderCandor.

@anonymous person
I don't think a lot of people are watching CNN, but there are some Anderson fans here, too! Where do YOU live now?

The Original Miranda Lane said...
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The Original Miranda Lane said...

At first I thought the 1960s movie star thing had to do with his being so thin and good looking. But then I though that perhaps it was genetics. Anderson Cooper's father Wyatt actually did appear in movies in the early 1960s, so maybe that's whom he's reminding people of. In Dispatches from the Edge Anderson has a picture of his father in the book and the caption says something to the effect of how he never believed people when they said he looked just like him, but now he looks in the mirror and he sees how much he resembles the picture of his father. I found some cute family pictures on the net from 1972. They include Anderson, his brother Carter, dad Wyatt and mom Gloria Vanderbilt. Enjoy!

mio_bella said...

Hi, the original miranda lane! (Or can I just call you miranda?)

I like your analysis. Here's what my mother thinks about Anderson. She cannot understand my fascination with Anderson. When she first saw him, she said, "Gosh! This guy's hairstyle is really old-fashioned! Like a movie star from 60s! Also how he wears and how he poses! He should do something about it!"

Maybe he is too conservative but every fan is used to his style and go crazy when we see him.

Thank you for the link. Actually, I already have it in my favorite list and have some of the pictures in my ipod. But I believe many people who are visiting this blog will enjoy it!