Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wallpaper for my PC & cellphone

Here's what I've replyed to Pati in yesterday's comment.

Speaking of the wallpaper of your laptop, I am curious to know which Anderson picture everyone chooses for your PC. Please send me pictures and I will introduce yours in this blog! Isn't it a nice idea?

PC wallpaper. You can only see Anderson's back. That's enough. If I see Anderson's smile or sexy Anderson, I cannot work!

These are my "February" images for my cellphone display. My cellphone has an amazing setting. You can choose six pictures and the image changes every hour! I can enjoy checking my cellphone all the time!


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

My cell phone is not that fancy, but the picture on it is one I took of Anderson when I met him. Everytime I see it again, it squeezes my heart a little. That day was one of THE BEST in my life so far. He is so amazing. =) Not to mention cute!

mio_bella said...

He really changes our lives, doesn't he? He is attractive enough to set up these blogs where Anderfans all around the world can share their love to Anderson!